Musk Tweets at Hilary Clinton and Heart of Democratic Establishment

According to the leftist political wing, “disinformation” is everywhere that a Republican or GOP member is. However, when it comes to members of their party they're less than willing to acknowledge this even when it comes to a failure such as Hillary Clinton.

As you probably know, Clinton's former campaign attorney Michael Sussman is currently being accused of lying to the FBI regarding where and how he was able to get the information that Trump was in fact cooperating with Russia to win the presidential election in 2016. Naturally this is bringing up all kinds of old issues in the form of news, stories, and posts on social media from the past.

When it comes to the second, people are wondering how tweets that claim that conspiracy theories are afoot will be treated in the future in the event that someone similar to Elon Musk has control of Facebook, the world's largest social networking platform.

If you're not sure about the accusations from six decades ago, it's time to rewind the details.

Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.” In the tweet was a statement by Clinton's adviser to the campaign at the time, who said the link could have helped provide a wealth of information about Trump as well as the reasons he was successful and also why he had a “bizarre adoration of Vladimir Putin.”

Of course, we are aware that all this is fake and it is nothing more than an attempt to undermine Trump's chances at winning the election, and declare Hillary the winner.

As the case involving Michael Sussman has proved, not only was the claim falsely reported to the FBI, but it was also unsubstantiated in the first place. Sussman said that he came to the FBI “on my own” regarding some information he discovered. He claimed that he wasn't doing it “on behalf of a client or company” and was looking to “help the Bureau.”

But, it has been proven through the exchange of emails between him and Clinton's team that it actually came from a customer, specifically Hillary Clinton.

In addition, when the FBI performed its due diligence and investigated the situation, they concluded that there was no evidence in the allegations. For instance, John Baker of the FBI was a witness this week and said that after they had a look at the allegations Sussman had presented to the FBI “there was nothing there.”

The news, along with the upcoming acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk has one user of social media asking how Musk's Twitter will handle false accusations on his platform.

They asked “I am reporting this Tweet as false information to the people who control the company @twitter. I'd like to find out if, once you are given control over the company, there was anything executed with this on or at any time.”

And Musk did not shy away from being completely in agreement with Clinton’s “misleading” tweet.

Musk responded, “You are absolutely correct. The tweet you mentioned is an actual Clinton campaign hoax and their lawyer for the campaign is currently undergoing an indictment.” Musk also posted a BBC article on the trial that is currently in progress to his reply as well as directly linked to Hillary herself.

Talk about a punch in your jaw…

Of course, the wildly misinformed Hillary supporters and leftists who aren't able to comprehend logic weren't particularly enthused about Musk condemning Clinton or her party of liars.

Some even tried to say that the hoax is true and not a fabricated one because the FBI has evidence to support it.

It's important to keep in mind that statements such as this from Musk could be a little more than normal at this time. As we've seen before there's a trial underway which could put Sussman and other people, or even Hillary herself, in hot water.

In addition, you may recall that this was just a few days after the SpaceX and Tesla CEO declared that he would not vote Democrat. Instead, he'll be making sure to check the GOP box in elections. According to him, his belief is that the Democratic Party has turned into one of “division & hate,” and that's why he will not support them anymore.

The tweet is merely a way to remind leftists that they have an extremely clever and well-funded foe. They aren't pleased with the situation.

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