NYC Mayor Embarasses Himself at Memorial Day Ceremony

Remember when politicians would take facts into consideration? 

Eric Adams, the Mayor in New York City, attended a memorial day ceremony held at the USS Intrepid Museum. The Intrepid is, along with its sister ships, the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor, as well as USS Iowa in Los Angeles Harbor, are warships from the past that were converted into floating museums. This museum has been operating since 1982. Visitors who enter the Intrepid museum have the bell of the ship looking back at them. Like all bells for ships that year the bell was commissioned appears right there on the bell – 1943. Actually, it was 1943 when the USS Intrepid was commissioned in August of 1943 . It did not arrive at Pearl Harbor until two years after the Pearl Harbor attack.

What is the significance of this tweet? Eric Adams tweeted about Intrepid's background. He earns an A for his effort.

I often have my historical dates confused However, if I recall correctly the date of the Pearl Harbor attack was December 7th 1941. Also, if you remember there were no carriers in Pearl Harbor during the attack and therefore none of affected had to go through the terror. Perhaps Adams was confused by Ben Affleck in the movie Pearl Harbor. Ben took part throughout every air war that took place in Europe and in the Pacific and flew off the Hornet during the Doolittle Raid. They were brave raiders who avenged Pearl Harbor. Sorry, I'm just spitballing.

Had carriers been moored in Pearl Harbor the war might have been prolonged by up to a year and who am I to make a guess or honestly challenge the mayor of New York City.

In any case, Mayor Adams' tweet reminded me of another legendary historian in the form of John Blutarsky, sage of the Delta House Historical Society, when he reminisced in vivid details his account of the German assault in Pearl Harbor.

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