Public Universities in Florida Go Full Speed on Preferred-Pronoun Circus

The public colleges of Florida are eagerly participating in this jamboree of pronouns.

A few years ago when we were talking about pronouns, it could have been incredibly boring. However, these days it's more sexy than sex. Even though the conservative Ron DeSantis is governor of the state, Florida's public institutions are devotedly working towards pronoun advancement.

From the Campus Reform:

In the fall of 2021, the …[University of South Florida] student paper The Oracle reported on the school's plans to allow faculty, students, and staff members to add preferential pronouns on the USF IDs.

The goal of these new rules is to make the campuses more welcoming and inclusive of the [USF] student Government (SG) Lieutenant. Governor Kiara Brooks explained to Campus Reform.

“University Communications and Marketing is in discussion with [SG] about redesigning the ID Card to support [putting preferred pronouns on ID cards],” the USF ID Card Office said when asked for a comment.

There's a sophisticated system in development: With the Identity Management System [IMS] students will soon be able to plug their preferred pronouns in an extensive network.

According to Kiara the platforms will comprise “(student record system) Oasis, (enrollee engagement app) Bulls Connect, (degree audit and tracking tool) Degree Works, and even possibly the housing and GEMS (Graduates as Emerging Mentors) portals.”

USF is set to launch IMS in the autumn.

A different Sunshine State school letting students shout their names is Florida State University in Panama City. Students can show off their style through online identification.

As per the policy, the pronouns that you choose “will display after your name in several different areas of Canvas as an easy way to communicate with your classmates and instructors which pronouns best reflect your identity. You will be able to see yours and others' personal pronouns in several areas of the course including discussions, comment fields, user profile pages, and your inbox.”

Florida International University is on the ball, too.

[FIU] is now allowing students to choose their preferred pronouns from its website. The system instructors are required to use them according to an article published by the student paper PantherNow.

Strangely enough, nothing of this has any significant effect on communication because preferred pronouns don't get used when talking to people.

In a baffling decision, the referential revolution selected to replace every word with only the one employed in direct contact: “you.” In most instances, people who identify as the opposite of their gender or something else that isn't line will not know – and therefore will never be affected by — whether or not anyone makes use of their soul-singing choices.

It's probably good to let everyone be free of responsibility since it's an amazingly sophisticated set-up.

Of course, the preferred-pronoun issue isn't about “inclusion.” It's a matter of how it is true that the Florida public education system is acquiescing to the use of an entirely new, unimaginable level of identification. Similar to how institutions might in the future decide that the majority of Americans have to choose their own representative color, today, culture is exploring the possibility of adding popular words to replace sexual metaphors.

As I wrote recently:

It's not that children believe that they're born into the wrong body. Institutions simply give youngsters a choice where they can be anything, and build your own character like you're at Build-A-Bear.

This kind of open-ended possibility smacks the binary. …

Beyond women and men, the cutting-edge notion of gender identity isn't tied with sexuality. A new category has been created and we're told to create new identifications. The concept seems to have developed not out of dysphoria, but rather from the era of participation trophies as well as the age of icons. Because of the internet and social media screens, we're screen names, emoticons, and vibrant characters. They represent our individuality and help us express our personality. It was just a matter of time until we chose the most memorable characters to display in real life.

Returning to Florida, the state is determined to make changes all around:

“University's “SEXXX Week” Welcomes Hookers to discuss Legalization Raffles to Win Cylindrical Supplements”

“University Hosts Graduation Celebration Just for People who Identify as LGBTQIA+”

“Free Speech Organization Sues Florida University Over ‘Chilling' Policies”

“Florida University Launches a Degree Program to train Social Justice Social Justice Activists”

“University Christens Collective Space the “Karl Marx Group Study Room'”

“Florida School District Trains Teachers to Keep Parents in the Dark about their Children's Transgender Identity”

The South's most beloved vacation destination is changing. If you do happen to take a dip there this summer, make sure you are hydrated. However, be aware that you may wake up in the water.

In other words, have fun and relax.

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