Rambunctious Activists Targets Ted Cruz at Dinner

Ted Cruz has become one of the most coveted targets of the left since the mass shooting that took place in Uvalde, TX.

Cruz initially caused controversy when he suggested that we must be more secure in our schools. This prompted a sharp backlash from those who claimed that single-entry structures could pose a risk for fire which is mind-bogglingly foolish and ignorant given the presence of fire escapes. The senator's idea was swiftly accepted after it was found out that the shooter had entered through a backdoor that was not locked and there was no armed SRO at the scene (initial reports suggested that there were).

But the left has nothing to offer without a sense of humor which resulted in the escalating situation in a restaurant in Houston on Saturday. A protester known as Benjamin Hernandez, who states that he was a former illegal immigrant, started shouting that Cruz was a victim of “blood on his hands” before attempting to engage Cruz. Security was on hand and held the man back while the man screamed and wailed, trying to confront Cruz.

I'm not able to say with certainty what the motives of this man were. If he wasn't being prevented from moving forward, trying to force his way through, but had been in a position to walk straight toward the tables, could he have hit Cruz? I'm not sure the answer, but it was clear that he seemed to be looking for a physical fight.

However, this is totally unneeded and can be dangerous. It is not necessary to have insane, irrational partisans stepping at the politicians over dinner. I am not a fan of Joe Biden and believe that his policies are extremely detrimental to individuals (including millions of unborn babies) however, I'd never challenge him over the table with his spouse. It's the stuff of idiots and nothing good will be gained from such a decision.

In addition, do you know if the shooting was on Ted Cruz's hands? The person in the clip made reference to background checks, however, the shooter passed the background check. The shooter was also seen running in the vicinity of the school for twelve minutes, shooting before getting inside. Meanwhile, the police did nothing and waited an additional hour before Border Patrol agents finally made their own announcement to come in and stop the shooter. Cruz did not cause this incident to occur. He wasn't the one who caused the hatred within the shooter's soul. The blood of these children isn't on his fingers. To make such a claim is ludicrous and an expansion of the political sphere that could result in very dark places.

In the end, if Cruz is the one responsible for murdering kids, like this insane claims, then everything is in the bag isn't it? That's the obvious conclusion to be drawn from this type of argument.

This is a problem that must be addressed. The left is convinced that there is no line regarding how they respond to political differences. In the end, it will result in another incident like the Congressional baseball shooting practice.

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