Biden Blanks Out, While His Economic Advisor Struggles to Explain Serious Delays in Addressing the Baby-Formula Shortage to CNN Jake Tapper

President Joe Biden's brain wasn't functioning well on Tuesday. The victim’s brain seemed to disintegrate during the Coast Guard's changing of the guard ceremony. At a later meeting regarding the shortage of baby formula, Biden blanked on the name of the Health and Human Services Secretary. The White House transcript fails to mention his failed attempt to give Xavier Becerra's name.

Biden did not seem to know the amount of formula supplied in the current batch being delivered, stating that “3.7 bottles” were being transported, whereas it stood at 3.7 million. However, the Biden teammates are unable to establish the details of the infant-formula issue and the date they learned of it. According to these people we trust, Biden said he found out in April. Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and then Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that it was the White House that found out in February (when the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] shut Abbott Laboratories’ operations due to concerns about its formula). However, Becerra says he has known since the beginning of last year.

Biden's team doesn't seem to be any more knowledgeable than Biden is. The bottom line? The FDA didn't take any action to fix an issue that had been a problem for months—until parents raised enough of a fuss about it in the media over the past month, despite the fact that the FDA’s shutdown of Abbott caused the problem to get worse, and they ought to have been aware that there was an issue. The problem has continued to persist since the beginning of last year, even though the Abbott shutdown brought it to the forefront.

CNN's Jake Tapper was mystified by what they were doing and why they didn't tell Biden before he talked about it with NEC (National Economic Council) Director Brian Deese. Tapper did an excellent job of explaining the confusing timeline, which was so long that they hardly attempted to do it as quickly as they could, as per the Biden team’s claims.

Jake Tapper: “Karine Jean-Pierre, your press secretary, just said this has been a whole of government approach. That doesn't include the president?”

Economic Advisor Brian Deese: “Relevant officials from across the government were focused on the effort.”

Deese was bold enough to claim that they'd “investigate” what happened in the chronology of events. Tapper said, “I don't need the FDA to investigate itself to come to the judgment that they did not act quickly enough, and on behalf of all of the frustrated moms and dads and guardians out there, I hope you don't either.”

However, if there was one moment that really summed up the failings of the Biden Administration regarding this issue (and everything else in the Biden Administration), it was the moment when Brian Deese tried to say that they'd taken this seriously. When reality arrived and smacked him with a hammer, the camera abruptly went directly over their heads. Tapper's reaction was something else. That is the best way to describe it.

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