Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Won’t Call in Her Violent “Call to Arms” Over SCOTUS Roe v. Wade Decision

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago is always a person with opinions. She's been very open about the subject of abortion and is all in favor of women being able to kill their babies if that will make them feel comfortable. While we wait for the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision on Roe v. Wade’s future, Lightfoot has made a “call to arms,” which has resulted in numerous violent incidents on the streets of Chicago. The liberally inclined mayor ought to have been aware of the dangers before she decided to demand violence. The city is one of the most violent in the United States—with murders occurring almost every weekend. 

A reporter inquired of Lightfoot whether she planned to back down from her “call to arms,” and she had some interesting remarks. Perhaps her defensive stance is what caused people to jump to the edge of their seats in order to find out more about the situation. 

It all began when Lightfoot was congratulated regarding the building of a casino that could increase tourism in the city. According to one journalist, 80 percent of the city's residents would not want to visit a casino. The reporter said that the reason the tourism industry has been struggling and conventions haven't been coming to the city is due to violent crime. This is likely more accurate than Lightfoot or anyone else on the city council would like to admit. Since she tweeted what she calls “a violent tweet ‘call to arms,'” there's been more violence in downtown Chicago.

Lightfoot interrupted to ask, “Is there an issue? What's the question? Let's talk about it.”

He repeatedly asked her whether she could remember her violent tweet, which was an appeal to arms. Her first response was, “Let the guy talk. The more he speaks, the more dumb his voice appears.”

Wow, that's not what we're looking for. She couldn't take being blamed for escalating the violence in the city. That was the reason she turned to a name-calling strategy. She finally addressed the comments in a statement that indicated she'd “deconstruct the series of lies that you just spewed,” saying that he had done exactly the same thing at every press gathering.

She started with a statement contending that Chicago isn't suffering in terms of tourism. According to her, it's at 90-percent capacity, a significant improvement from the level before the pandemic. But, this is still lower, however; it appears that math isn't the mayor’s forte.

Then she decided to break in on those calls for action on the Supreme Court decision because she believes that the clock will be reversed, stopping women from having control over their bodies. She added, “No, sir, I will not stand down, I will not retreat, because women in this country are not gonna stand for some unelected body to tell us that we don't have the right to control circumstances and the when and where in which we produce our children.”

This is quite a talk, and it's awash with false information. Even though SCOTUS isn't elected by the voters, their confirmations are based on the officials whom we elect into office. So, if she doesn't like the manner in which this Supreme Court ultimately rules on Roe v. Wade, she'll have no problem in promoting violence. As if that wasn't enough, she instructed the reporter not to continue talking and said he was full of garbage. When she was done, she even had one of her colleagues threaten to get the police to remove him from the press gathering.

Welcome to Chicago. If the guns don’t kill you, the mayor will get the cops to arrest you when she isn't happy with what you say.

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