Matt Walsh’s Interview with a Teammate of Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas Reveals an Amazing Bias

“Transgender” swimmer Lia Thomas has been a hot topic in the past year, with the biological male dominating NCAA women's swimming. This interest was heightened when Thomas “won” the national championship in Atlanta, Georgia, earlier in the year. Recently, the swimmer was featured in an interview on Good Morning America, presenting an unsettling level of arrogance and narcissism. Listening to Thomas talk, it becomes clear that it's all focused on Thomas and the things that make the swimmer feel comfortable. The presence of teammates is not considered, which makes one wonder how this makes women feel.

We don't need to wonder about it anymore. Matt Walsh secured an interview with one of Thomas' teammates for his film What Is a Woman? In the film, the swimmer, who is anonymous with her appearance concealed and voice masked to protect her identity, provides shocking insights into how far universities have gone to censor any opposition.

The Daily Wire provided the details. “There were a lot of things we couldn't talk about that were concerning,” the swimmer explained to Walsh. The anonymous participant said that even the simplest concerns regarding the locker room weren't discussed. If they were, it was obvious that the athlete would be accused of being “transphobic.”

The woman explained that Thomas is still carrying male genitalia, which is exposed in what is supposed to be a locker room for women. However, to be precise, regardless of whether surgery was done in order to “remove” it, that does not change the individual’s true biological nature in the present. Self-mutilation doesn't transform an individual into a female.

One of the most amazing things she revealed was that UPenn, the school at which this whole thing is taking place, actually provided mental help…for those women. “If you even bring up the fact that Lia's swimming might not be fair, you're immediately shut down and called a hateful person, or transphobic,” she continued.

Walsh asked, “But there's never any conversation—the coach didn't sit everyone down and acknowledge what everyone is upset about?”

“So, Penn actually brought in people high up in the athletic department to talk to us, like brought in someone from the LGBTQ center, they brought in someone from psychological services,” the female swimmer began.

It's truly amazing. There's an actual biological male who claims to be a woman while being allowed to lead ladies' swimming competitions at the college level (and likely soon at the Olympics), and the school is saying, “Do you have a clue who is in need of psychological help? It's the women who are on that team.”

It is important to clarify that the “help” offered wasn't to consider the issue of what makes a female swimmer. According to the woman who gave the interview, the goal was meant to force the actual female swimmers to accept the reality of what was going on. In reality, she goes on to declare that there was nothing to discuss. It's still a “comply or get out” situation, where women are exposed to an actual male at the door of the bathroom who is making them miss out on opportunities, yet they are told that they're the culprits.

“They've made it pretty clear, if you speak up about it, your life will be over in some way, you'll be blasted all over the internet as a ‘transphobe'…you'll never be able to get a job,” the teammate told Walsh.

Walsh has promised to cover a lot more in the documentary, so make certain to keep an eye out for additional clips and reports on the other things that were mentioned.

It’s stunning, and in the most negative way—the fact that women are exposed to this kind of thing just for the sake of feeding the vanity of an actual male. It's not right, and the majority of Americans recognize that this isn't the way to go. Yet, they're nervous to voice their opinions because they fear being called bigots. The woman who spoke to Walsh is going to be identified in the near future, and her life is likely to become a nightmare. We hear the term “brave” far too often, but in this case, it's appropriate.

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