Pride Pander Day Arrived on June 1 with a Rainbow Blast

June 1 marked the beginning of Pride Month. On that day, every company on earth (not located in the midst of a Muslim country) strived to “out-Pride” the next guy. It was Pander Day! Social media was ablaze with rainbow-colored logos. Mercedes, BP, baseball teams—they all changed their logos so that they featured rainbow colors. There's no way to say that any company snubbed the opportunity to beat out its rainbow cohorts and out-pander competitors. God bless the company that didn't take advantage of the opportunity.

The Marine Corps embarrassed itself with rainbow-colored bullets. The Devil Dogs killing the enemy by shooting gay bullets is no longer an actual thing. It was Pander Day! … Well, in the event that you don't have a corporate office in the Middle East, then it was logo day as well. There's no need to be taken off a roof.

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