Princeton University Professor Katz Dismissed for Sexual Misconduct, but Was There More Behind It?

Joshua Katz is a victim of two whammies. The professor was earlier questioned about sexual-misconduct allegations and reprimanded. However, Princeton University decided to bring the matter up again and dismiss him for the incident. In 2018, Katz was discovered to have had a connection with a student, which led to his suspension for one year. Additionally, he would be placed on probation for another three years. It would seem that his problems would then be over.

But the liberal school subsequently discovered that Katz wrote an article that revealed how members of the Black Justice League were terrorizing students who refused to accept their demands. It was clear that the Black Justice League was nothing more than a mafia on the university campus trying to get students to agree with their viewpoints and pay the costs.

Liberals are very accepting of terrorist groups. While Donald Trump was in the White House, several domestic liberal groups, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter, terrorized the nation with violent protests and gatherings. The Democratic Party even tried to discredit the existence of these groups.

Katz's piece caught the attention of the school. The president of the school, Christopher Eisgruber, mentioned that the article was free speech. However, that wasn't enough to stop the school from seeking retribution against Katz. The Daily Wire reported that “in 2021, Princeton's student newspaper, the Daily Princetonian, wrote a lengthy article highlighting alumni accusing Katz of inappropriate sexual behavior and included an investigation into his consensual relationship with the student.”

The school purposely found old dirt about the employee and made use of it to have him dismissed. When the news was published in the media, liberals went one step further and deliberately propagated the story across the country. The New York Times jumped on the story and revealed that Katz had tried to stop his victim from seeking assistance. It also revealed that there was an attempt to conceal the relationship. The Daily Wire reported that the woman “claimed she was discouraged from taking part in the 2018 investigation. Princeton began a fresh investigation and then fired Katz for allegedly exposing the former student to danger while she was a student by dissuading her from seeking treatment for mental health issues even though she was suffering as a way to hide a relationship with a person he knew was against regulations of the university.”

Liberals will do what they can to safeguard their violent groups. Katz's story about the campus terrorist group prompted the school to find dirt on this person and make him a scapegoat. Samantha Harris is the attorney aiding Katz in his fight for his rights in the courtroom. She has revealed that the media intentionally twisted the facts to make him appear worse. The liberal media outlets love to twist facts to suit their agenda, thus serving the nefarious goal of the liberal agenda. They wish to draw people's attention away from the terrorists who are destroying the campuses and turn their focus on Katz. Liberals can't afford to let one of their top poison factories have its image damaged by a frank and honest report.

The use of an earlier incident against the suspect has twice proved how far liberals will go to smear the name of someone who reveals their secret ways. The liberal media and vicious Democrats don't have a conscience that stops them from disseminating falsehoods. They will search for every bit of dirt that they can make use of against people they must tear down.

They have tried the same thing with former President Donald Trump, Governor Ron DeSantis, and many more who have played the role of stepping in to stop the Democrats from using innocent people for gain. The corruption on the left wing of politics is not only a problem; it is also widely recognized. And the people of America are prepared to remove those from office who have purposely tried to harm others and transform America into a socialist state.

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