Unvaxxed Granada Hills, CA, High School Students Barred from Graduation Ceremonies

It's an important moment in many people's lives. It's a moment they'll remember and cherish for the rest of their lives. Around 1,100 students will experience this moment and fulfill their goal of graduating from high school on Wednesday, June 2. The names of the graduates will be announced when they take their first steps on the stage before their families and friends at Granada Hills Charter High School in California.

As an example of America's growing inhumanity towards children, 70 other students are not allowed to attend because of their vaccination status and must monitor it from home. Eight of them are students with special needs. Simply put, no vax card, no entry.

The worst part is that Granada Hills Charter does not have to comply with this. They can choose not to. The Los Angeles Unified School District has put off the vaccination requirement until July 1st, 2023. However, Granada Hills is choosing its own stricter, more punitive route. Parents and students aren't happy with the decision, and they have organized a protest on Tuesday to express their anger at the decision.

The parents of Tom Luna stated in the Los Angeles Daily News, “We believed we were doing our most to (my son), and we did. However, the school did not do enough for him. They did us a disservice for being parents.” 

Another mother, Parisa Fishback, cofounder of the group Moms on the Ground, was also angry, saying that the conduct of the Granada Hills Charter High School toward its seniors who are graduating is unconstitutional and egregious according to federal and state standards. “We will be able to hold the school responsible in all ways that we can. At present, we march for the children who they are not allowing to walk.”

The school says that it is ethical in “following the science.” It is apparent that every time you hear this phrase recently, it implies that punishments and shaming will soon follow. “Our board stands by the science that indicates that vaccination is the most effective and best tool available to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safest learning environment possible,” the school said in a press release. “Our commitment to safety is ever more important as COVID-19 cases are spiking again, and the prospect of outbreaks and new variants is significant.”

Based on the information provided by the school, 99 percent of students who are eligible are vaccinated. The punitive action against the remaining 1 percent comes at a time when the effectiveness of vaccines is increasingly being challenged and research is being published that shows the terrible effects that pandemic policies have had on our children. A huge drop in the quality of learning has been observed in our students. Overdose deaths have skyrocketed, and so have suicides. The mental health of our nation is in significant decline, particularly among our young people. What do you do when you’re Granada Hills Charter? “We're going to punish our kids an extra bit.”

It's a shame that we've sold out our youth to guard the elderly. Young people have a small risk of developing a serious illness from COVID, and they could be tested prior to graduating. There is no scientifically sound justification to keep them out of the ceremony that will be held outdoors. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), “If you want to spend time with friends who do not live with you outdoors, then it's a safer option. It is less likely that you will become exposed to COVID-19 in outside activities without the necessity of wearing masks.” 

The Granada Hills kids will be forever scarred. To obstruct these children from what is one of the most significant moments in their lives is just… abuse.

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