Dana Loesch Shows Rep. Nadler and Co. Up for Their “Mansplaining” Over Women’s Rights to Bear Arms to Protect Themselves

It never ceases to amaze us that it's often the same powerful shakers and movers (who are shielded to the max by police and security) who are basically telling people of all ages that they, in contrast, do not need either the police or guns to safeguard themselves. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened on Thursday during the House Judiciary Committee markup session on a new bill drafted by the committee’s chair, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), that Democrats say will protect children from gun violence in the wake of the massacre that took place at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas—where an insane 18-year-old gunman shot and killed 19 children aged 11 and under, as well as two teachers who tried to protect them.

“Woke” freshman House Democrat Mondaire Jones was a maniac in the committee meeting, screaming that Democrats would take whatever action was needed to abolish the filibuster as well as expand the Supreme Court if they needed to do so to approve their gun-control bills. But fellow New Yorker Nadler also did himself no favors.

During the discussion, Nadler claimed that “there is no research to support the idea that women's gun ownership increases their safety,” which is actually an assertion straight from the pages of the “Everytown” gun-control handbook (which Nadler did not note). He also cited alleged studies that, he claimed, support his assertions and included one study that stated the likelihood of women being killed is higher when they become victims of partners who have guns in the home.

Popular conservative talk show host Dana Loesch, a former spokesperson for the NRA (National Rifle Association), immediately attacked Nadler for his bizarre “mansplaining” and tweeted out a variety of links that show how women who have guns could use the firearms to defend themselves or their loved ones from danger.

One Twitter user attempted to understand the premise of Nadler's argument but couldn't. “More women are at risk of being killed by their husbands…that's the reason we should ensure that women do not acquire guns. “Wut??” the woman wondered incredulously.

Another person asked him, “Really? [My gun ownership] sure made the stalker of my friend think twice.”

It's not surprising that this isn't the only time that Loesch has taken aim at an advocate for gun control whose idea of being safe is to make her dependent on someone else. The far-left “journalist” Aaron Rupar smugly said in a March 2021 post on Twitter that wives who are in abusive relationships who fear they'll be unable to get through the night without having a gun could just “call the police.” Loesch replied by pointing out these embarrassing facts: “Average response time for police: 10-18 minutes. Protective orders are useless. As someone who witnessed an individual attempt to get into her house and my gun was there prior to the police. The end of the story. Stop disarming women. Anyone who believes that you could simply contact the police [and] they will appear as your private security is clearly enjoying the privilege of being a progressive male and never having to deal with abusive situations such as this.”

Unfortunately, Democratic men are still declaring who they are on this subject while, at the same time, they're eager to be regarded as the most vocal supporters of a “woman's right” to control her own fate through abortion. It's a total joke, but not a fun one. Not at all.

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