“Anonymous” Gets Removed By Secret Service After Spreading January 6th Claim

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times released an “scoop” on Friday that caught the attention of the mainstream media. The story focused on a “warning,” supposedly from the 5th of January, 2021 in which Donald Trump was going to “turn” on Mike Pence which could put the former's life at risk the following day.

Haberman added through sources that the risk was so serious that it was discovered by the Secret Service and Pence's staff.

The day before a throng of President Trump supporters engulfed the Capitol, Vice President Mike Pence's staff chief called Pence's top Secret Service agent to his West Wing office.

Chief of staff member, Marc Short, had an email for the agent, Timothy Giebels: President Trump would turn publically on the vice president and it could pose a security threat to the vice president because of it.

My first reaction to the news was “who cares?” It's June 2022. January 6th isn't something that anyone who isn't in the beltway cares about. Concerning the issue of Trump changing his mind on Pence, it was not known in the days preceding the Capitol breach, and is not that significant now considering the plethora of crises that are currently affecting the nation. Haberman's report isn't going to advance the game on the 6th of January. It's just providing another opportunity for the media to say “wow,” instead of focussing on the failures of Joe Biden.

The news, however, caused Never-Trumpers to use the voice of “Anonymous,” now revealed to be the voice of a no-name former ex-Trump public official Miles Taylor, to take to Twitter to express their shock.

Miles Taylor, who spent several years declaring himself to be an influential figure within the Trump administration, didn't in reality “oversee the Secret Service.” He was a chief of staff in the Department of Homeland Security. Taylor wasn’t able to influence anything whatsoever through his work as an organizer and advisor, and he was not the person any person in the Secret Service technically reported to. Chains of Command do actually exist, but Taylor was not part of them.

However, in a remarkably positive turn of events Taylor was eventually kicked to the curb by the present Secret Service Communications Director, who came in to rectify the mistake.

Anthony Guglielmi was tapped to his position in the month of March 2022 by Biden and that's no evidence to suggest his deceit to protect Trump. Instead, it appears that Haberman's account was either false or didn't have a proper context. If the threat that was supposedly serious to Pence wasn't actually discussed with the Secret Service, then it was not a genuine threat. The notion that a real threat exists-and there was a risk that the Secret Service did not have information about it is simply not plausible.

Taylor, always the ultimate swindler, getting involved in something so amazing simply due to the fact that it fit his particular story wasn't a surprise. It was a bit surprising to see Gugliemi brutalize him in public, pointing out “the Secret Service has no idea what Haberman or Taylor are discussing. Let this be another reminder that these frenzied reports about Trump's detractors are to be taken with a grain of salt. Each time the truth is found to end with a much more boring conclusion.”

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