Elon is Asking Important Questions About the Media, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell

A few days ago I mentioned that among the main reasons that a lot of Americans are fascinated with Elon Musk is because Elon Musk speaks plainly and has the ability to convey what's on the mind of a large number of people.

It is not a sigh of relief for the people in the powerhouse who don't like people who are willing to question the dominant narrative. This is why Musk has been causing a stir among people from the left. As we reported on Friday, Musk was voicing concerns about the state of the economy. Joe Biden, who wants to fool everyone into thinking it's all okay, fired a shot at Musk. Musk put him in the dust as a result.

Musk isn't afraid of engaging in what may be topics that are taboo to the mainstream media. In a speech over the weekend, Musk addressed an important question that a lot of us might have had -Why haven't we had a look at the client list of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

“Only one thing that's more impressive than the DOJ not disclosing the list is that nobody in the media seems to care. Isn't that odd?” Musk asked.

He suggested he was aware that he was in the middle of a beehive when he asked the question.

In response, some mentioned that he didn't want to be added onto the Clinton “body count” list by requesting more details to be made public.

In the Maxwell trial, you'd think that certain high profile names were going to leak, however, they did not.

With all the leaks we've seen-including one that shouldn't have occurred from the Supreme Court, you would think that we'd seen at least some of this list. 

However, Musk has raised an even more important issue — you'd think that this would be an important thing for the media to report on and would be putting all their efforts into trying to obtain an itemized list. But they're not interested. Are they afraid to annoy those who are on their list? Are their bosses also included on the list? It's not just about the need to hold Maxwell accountable. If the people involved have been at the forefront of assaulting young girls, they ought to be exposed, too.

Someone dropped a photo of Ghislaine Maxwell in front of Musk at a gathering, and he drank all over it.

Many people were in contact with each other, as in the case of Donald Trump, because both Epstein and Maxwell were social climbers looking to make contact with rich people. However, Trump had to ban Epstein from his club and did his best to aid the lawyers of victims by sharing what he knew about Epstein.

However, the moment Maxwell invites you to the wedding of your daughter It's a little higher than “peripheral.”

This is more “peripheral” when you've gone on a plane on at least a number of 26 occasions.

The bottom line? It's been way too long but why isn't the DOJ in on this? They must be aware of which people are on this list. Perhaps that's the answer to the question right there.

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