Queen Elizabeth Charms in ‘Tea Party’ Video With Paddington Bear

The Associated Press reported just a day ago, following the opening of the four days of celebrations to mark her 70 years of reign on the British throne, Queen Elizabeth II appeared to be “experiencing some discomfort and she would be forced to sit out the celebrations that begin on Friday.”

So, I'm happy to report that we have some good news regarding the queen's health. Despite her current, fragile health issues, the queen was able to find an opportunity to participate with the Platinum “jubilee” anniversary party at last.

She recorded an address to the crowd, however it's not like the Christmas videos you've seen before. The video is an animated rendition of the well-known fictional storybook character “Paddington Bear.” More about that later.

If anyone has a memory of the 2012 Olympics that were held in London — and I'm referring to beyond the excessively produced as well as “socialism can be awesome!”-heavy Opening Ceremonies designed by the director Danny Boyle — it's this wonderful segment. It featured a different fictional persona titled… Bond, James Bond:

It's not a secret that the British royalty has been shattered by controversy and upheaval in recent years, most notably because of the demise of her husband Prince Philip aged 99, in April 2021. Prince Andrew's legal issues that involved Jeffrey Epstein (who definitely did not die by suicide) as well as what appears to be an endless and ongoing pain for the queen, the tensions between her and her grandson, Prince Harry, following his wedding to Meghan.

(A quick note I'd be remiss to not mention that Meghan always makes an excellent target for me and my colleagues to make fun of.)

To add to that pain is the fact that there is another significant milestone that the monarch was unable to attend. This week is the first time that any of the Harry family members will get to meet Lilibet Diana Windsor Mountbatten, the queen's great-granddaughter, since the birth of the baby. Lilibet turned one this Saturday.

And with another enchanting clip (this new video is two minutes long) The Queen Elizabeth will make the entire world forget everything by displaying a familiar, mischievous smile.

Even at age 96 the queen is still able to know how to present a spectacular show. Let God be with her throughout her reign.

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