Teen Who Hit Mother and Baby Receives 5 Months in ‘Probation Camp’

A Los Angeles teen convicted of driving a car into a mother and her 8-month-old son in a hit-and-run fueled by drugs will only be held for five months in the “diversionary program” thanks to gentle on crime LA County District Attorney George Gascon. The teen's criminal record is expected to be cleared when the age of 18 comes around.

It's just absurd.

The driver, who was 16 years old, was driving on a one-way road in the opposite direction of Venice, California when he was seen to rev up his engine in order to focus his car on the victims of the horrific August 2021 murder. The driver then attempted to get away from the scene, but was stopped by an unintentionally crashed pickup truck into his vehicle, crashing him to the pole. (No information is available on who the supposed Good Samaritan was.)

Thankfully, both the mother, Rachel, and her child, Charlie, were able to escape the brutal attack that appeared random.

The force wasn't enough to deter George Gascon, though. According to the office of the DA, the teen was accused of two felony charges of assault with force that is likely to cause physical injury, and one count of felony strike and run.

Why is it not a case of attempted murder, which is what happened?

The mother who was identified as Rachel was shocked by the sentence and wrote in her victim impact statement:

“George Gascon doesn't value my life or the life of my child, or any other victim out there, and would rather reward the monsters like [the driver] by demonstrating to them that their actions have no consequences,” she wrote. “DA Gascon has been telling him, and all other criminals who is in LA County that it doesn't matter what you do to murder someone. Why is Gascon's policy putting the emphasis on the existence of the rotten monsters while my child, my infant, who is not able to defend himself and is left to fight for himself and is being told that his life is not important?”

The DA's office, in line with what is their usual practice since Gascon assumed office, reduced the severity of the criminal's involvement and showed an increased concern towards the criminal rather than to the victim:

“Fortunately the baby was not injured and the mother suffered an elbow laceration. In the end, “the Sheriff's Department agreed with the criminal charges made,” the office said. [Not true. We will explain this below.” “The Probation Department recommended and the court sentenced the minor to a youth camp for five to seven months, an appropriate resolution.”

An appropriate resolution? A laceration of the elbow? That's how cold this man is. Contrast that with Rachel's account of the injuries she suffered:

“I had blood throughout my body. I required stitches on the right arm after it broke open after I struck the ground after crashing off the car. The upper part of my left shoulder shaved close to the bone but it's impossible to stitch that skin to the bone. My body was left covered with road rash on the wrists, arms, and elbows. Glass fragments continued to move through my skin for two months after the incident. There was a lot of bruising across my left side because of the place where the car hit my leg, and the way I fell on the windshield and hood, as well as bruises on my hips due to an impact with the car, and also from the fall to the asphalt.”

We've written about how the judge handed Gascon a ruling on June 2, which criticized Gascon for not adhering to the law. We have also written about how there's a major recall plan in place and how the number of crimes have increased within the county since his unlucky arrival. Sometimes, however, one requires a visual explanation to comprehend. The video below shows exactly what happens when we allow crime to run amok. The smugness Gascon displays during the “laceration to the elbow” comment is awe-inspiring when you watch it and learn about her injuries.

Inflaming the situation further is one line in the statement of the DA “the Sheriff's Department agreed with the felony charges that were filed.” LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, no fan of Gascon's, swiftly dismissed the claim as a lie. He posted on Facebook:

“We weren't consulted because we were not the investigation agency. Sheriff's detectives are not happy with the light sentencing of this hit-and run case. Stop encouraging and empowering criminal conduct. Make them accountable #VictimsMatter.”

The DA was forced to retract his claim, which is a poor look. He's not just too soft on crimes, but he's also making up false accusations to cover it up.

We've already said it: George Gascon is a threat in Los Angeles, and he has created a sanctuary for violence and crime where criminals intend to have the name of Gascon tattooed onto their bodies in a gesture of gratitude. This horrifying video and the heartfelt words of the victim emphasize in a way numbers and words aren't able to.

Gascon appears to completely lack compassion and humanity.

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