Adam Schiff Says there is A Great Deal of New Evidence in the Capitol Probe

California Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff appeared on CBS News' Face the Nation Sunday morning and said that “a great deal” of new information would be coming out regarding the events that occurred on the 6th of January, 2021, in which a protest group were able to enter the US Capitol while the presidential electoral count was underway.

Schiff is part of the Investigatory Select Committee announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in June 2021. Nearly a year later, Schiff is finally convinced that he has the real gold.

Host Margaret Brennan asked him:

MARGARET BRENNAN If you don't blow the whistle on Thursday, do you risk getting the attention of the public here?

ADAM SCHIFF: The goal is to provide the narrative of what took place in the United States as we drew closer towards losing democracy and what was the catalyst for that incident on 6th. The American people, I'm sure they know a lot already. They've witnessed a lot of bombs in the past. There's plenty they've not seen. Most important of all is that the general public hasn't witnessed the story woven together. The way one thing can lead to another. What one avenue of action to reverse the outcome of the election led to another, and, eventually, resulted in horrific violence. The first non-peaceful transition of power in the history of our country.

Schiff is well-known as an unreliable windbag who uses over-inflated, hyperbolic language; however, it is still awe-inspiring whenever you listen to him speak about phrases like “how close we came to losing our democracy.” This is not at all close, Adam, not close to anything. Are you sure that an angry group of protesters would be able to overthrow the Capitol and then move towards the White House to take over the executive branch, and then be able to take control of the largest army on earth?

The other place Schiff is really losing his credibility, if he even has any left, is the statement “There is a great deal they haven't seen.” What? Do you have some explosive information that you've got in your wallet that will be leaking to the American populace in the near future? Schiff is a well-known leaker and if he did have anything juicy, you can bet that it would have been published on the pages of the Washington Post or the New York Times quite a while back. This movie has been seen previously.

In response to a straightforward question on what witnesses could be before this committee Shifty did not provide details:

Margaret, we're not commenting on particular witnesses, therefore I am unable to say for certain who will appear before us.

The issue for Schiff is that he's repeatedly said that he had bombshell evidence about what he believed to be the Trump Russia collusion hoax, but he hasn't produced the evidence. That makes him a total liar.

The editorial staff of The Wall Street Journal on May 12, 2020:

Americans are conditioned to believe that politicians are honest, but some incidents are so shocking that they merit special attention. Recently released Congressional testimony reveals the extent to which Adam Schiff spread falsehoods shamelessly regarding Russia and Donald Trump for three years even while his own panel found evidence to the contrary…

In December 2017, he stated to CNN his belief that collusion had been real: “The Russians offered help and the campaign was willing to accept assistance. The Russians provided assistance, and the President made the most of the assistance.” In April, 2018 Mr. Schiff released his response to the report of Mr. Nunes's report. He said that his conclusion that there was collusion was not true “was not supported by the facts and the evidence.”

Nothing could be further from the truth and Mr. Schiff knew it.

Schiff might indeed make it into the committee and throw the bombshell testimony Wednesday, however, his history of lying has made it difficult to believe. The nickname he earned was “Shifty” with his endless deceit, distortion of facts and outright lying.

According to the old saying, “You can't trust him any further than you can throw him.”

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