AOC Rants and Proves Her Lack of Respect for the Constitution

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) released a flurry of tweets on Sunday, expressing her opinions on various issues. If we are to comprehend why Democrats have been shifting so much towards the left, we need to look at things like the total lack of knowledge of those like AOC who are unable to comprehend the most fundamental aspects of our democracy. AOC believes that everything must be explained in terms of the corrupt government (of which she's a member) and the evil people who run all things.

Ocasio Cortez is scolding Congress for being corrupt saying that it doesn't just pertain to Republicans.

She's correct; however, it's not compulsory to join Congress and if she's so upset by it and is so offended, she ought to quit. However she's among the many factors that make the situation worse, thanks to her sloppy opinions of bad ideas and divisive methods.

She claims that the entire structures of power are trying to convince you to surrender.

The power structure is in her hands. Her party has been acting in this manner.

All the bad incidents are due to those wicked men. The reason for shootings is”radicalization” of young men.

“We see the issue of radicalization among young males. This is a problem. Young women aren't taking part in this. Young nonbinary women aren't taking part in this. Trans people aren't doing the same,” AOC claims.

Yes, trans folks were involved during mass-shootings. Although it's the case that mass shooters are mostly men, Democrats seem to have difficulties defining what is female. I'm not sure why suddenly they're so certain of the definition of a man.

She then attempts to accuse social media platforms which are also controlled by “men” — for perpetuating “misinformation and violence.” It's quite funny when she attempts to make the aforementioned gestures towards Mark Zuckerberg as though she's making a statement and trying to look cool all at the same time.

She also blames Tucker Carlson for “platforming people” that mass shooters are citing in their “very clearly written manifestos.” However, that's nowhere far from being true. She could be referring to what happened in the Buffalo mass shooting, which the Democrats immediately attempted at blaming on Tucker Carlson. But, not only did the gunman there never mention Carlson and his program, but he also declared that he did not like Fox and slammed it with an anti-Semitic hashtag. She was simply disseminating a lot of false information.

The lack of understanding in this video is a different one discussing”our “democracy” without seeming to admit that we were founded as a constitutional republic, not a genuine democracy. The founders didn't specifically create us a true democracy because they recognized all the issues with the structure.

She's angry that the presidency isn't decided by popular vote. She's angry because it is the vote of Senators in states that are populated do not have more influence and they are “still in the minority.”

Go through the Constitution. If you aren't able to support the Constitution that you took an oath to defend, take a step back.

She screams about the gerrymandering system that creates “outsize minority rule” (without noting that Democrats are notorious for their ridiculous gerrymandering). It's Democrats who control the government, so what is she talking about?

AOC also said in an earlier Instagram Q&A that she had met with American indigenous groups during protests in opposition to the Standing Rock Pipeline in North Dakota and these talks brought her back to her ancestral roots.

“One of the first things that got me to open up and connect with my ancestral roots was the connection with those of the Lakota Sioux in Standing Rock,'” Ocasio-Cortez declared. [….]

Ocasio-Cortez has mentioned a variety of traditions as her heritage. She has claimed that she is of European, Jewish, and African heritage.

She spoke at a Hanukkah celebration in 2018 at Queens about the fact that she and her parents came to the area as Sephardic Jews who escaped the Spanish Inquisition.

“As is the case with Puerto Rico, we are one people that is an amalgamation of many things,” she explained. “We are not a single thing. We are Black We are indigenous and we are Spanish and we can be European.”

She continued in the Instagram Q&A section to state that Taino culture is being taken over by Americans without authorization and citing the Taino god ‘Juracan', who is the god of chaos and disorder, which is the basis of the word hurricane.

Did she just do a Liz Warren?

She's very similar to Joe Biden — all things to everyone. But she's not a great politician.

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