Teen Who Received Minimal Charges for an Insane Car Attack was in Violation of Parole

Fox News' Bill Melugin reported Sunday that the teenage driver who was given a mild sentence for his car assault fueled by drugs on a mother and her child was on parole and in fact violating the law when he committed the incident.

Melugin reports:

According to multiple law enforcement sources, the juvenile was under probation and breaking it when he was involved in the hit and run. He was previously convicted of felony poisoning following the incident when a teen girl was poisoned by his drinks in Palmdale High School in the year of 2019. The girl was admitted to the hospital.

It's not like he was a teenage angel that made a poor decision. He poisoned a girl so severely that she ended up being hospitalized, and then he hit the two victims who were fortunate to be alive. This is a psychopath who's dangerous who ought to be held in jail.

This latest revelation is certain to spark more fury.

On Saturday, RedState stated that the soft on criminals LA County District Attorney George Gascon pursued light charges against the suspect, despite the fact that there was horrific footage of the incident and multiple witnesses. Even though Gascon calls the mother's wounds as simple “laceration to her elbow,” they actually were extremely gruesome. The sole reason she and her infant survived is due to her quick-thinking and courage.

The teen was sentenced to spend seven months in “probation camp” and will get his records erased once the age of 18 is reached. Amazingly, probation camps are defined by the court as “an alternative sentence less severe than juvenile detention.” The attacker did not even rate juvenile detention?

Melugin further stated that he spoke with his mother on Sunday and identified her as Rachel and the mother had been “unaware about his criminal record or even that he was on probation at the time that the hit and run occurred. She is angry about the sentence being light and how the matter was handled.”

In a statement made to Fox she said:

One person who has a criminal history attempted to murder me and my son. George Gascon thinks that five months of camp is enough punishment. Gascon's office took time to lie about my case, but they've not even taken the time to inquire how we're doing. This is because he doesn't care. Gascon and his team have been highlighting their incompetence and their utter disregard for victims.

In our previous reports, we've highlighted how pathetic Gascon's softness towards the policies on crime have been for LA and how he made up lies about the investigation (saying in a lie that Sherriff Alex Villanueva was in favor of the light charges, but it is clear that he didn't), how crime rates have gone sky-high as criminals are aware that they can be able to get away with almost everything, the way Gascon is apathetically unable to feel empathy for the victims, and the fact that Gascon is now the subject of a major recall effort.

This latest information casts an even more gloomier spotlight on the extent to which Gascon goes to defend criminals.

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