Fox Tops the Networks, with MSNBC Scoring Its Poorest Ratings in 20 Years

This week has been quite a sour one for the most well-known left-leaning media outlets. The Washington Post is seemingly in flames, CNN is openly hinting that it may cut some of its liberal news anchors, and MSNBC recently hit a 23-year low in ratings for the most important demographic, people aged between 25 and 54. There's more bad information regarding CNN coming in this week, however. There's a feeling that people are tired of what they're offering.

Fox News obliterated the competition by leading all basic cable networks with an average of 1.3 million viewers between May 30 and June 5. Do you know which network came in at the number 2 spot? CNN, MSNBC? Nope. HGTV.

Let's take a look at the numbers: Fox News averaged 1.3 million viewers between May 30 and June 5 and was the most watched of the basic cable channels, with the number two, HGTV, having only 562,000 viewers. MSNBC was third, with 556,000 viewers, while CNN only managed 450,000. MSNBC and CNN “failed to top Fox News combined.” This is not just a bad thing; it's an incredible failure. However, it's even more serious than that.

Fox News also dominated during the primetime period between 8 and 11 P.M., averaging more than two million viewers. No. 2 ESPN had an average audience during primetime of 1.5 million. MSNBC averaged 800,000, in ninth place. CNN did not make it into the top ten list of most-watched cable networks, with a disappointing primetime average of 603,000.

This is where it becomes truly hilarious, however. Check out the networks that have beaten MSNBC. MSNBC's struggles during the Biden era with the coveted advertiser 25-52-year-old advertiser demographic is getting worse, as the network recorded its worst week with that demo of daytime and primetime viewers since 1999. Animal Planet, Travel Channel, Syfy, Freeform, E1, FXX, BET, and TLC are among the 32 basic cable networks that beat MSNBC in the crucial category of all-day viewers this week.

“The Five” finished as the most-watched news channel for the week, garnering 3.28 million viewers. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” came in second place with 3.2 million. It's not surprising that Fox will not show the Thursday evening primetime Capitol Committee hearing spectacle, making it available on Fox Business Channel instead. 

The renowned ratings expert and independent journalist Brian Stelter had this to say: “At 8 p.m. ET on an ordinary night, Fox News has more than 3 million viewers, while Fox Business has under 100,000,” Stelter tweeted. “That pretty much says it all about Fox's priorities.”

This is a laughable attempt to sabotage Carlson. Stetler has slammed his own argument. Why would you put three million Tucker Carlson viewers up to the airing of an open committee hearing after having already seen that show during an impeachment case? These are the kinds of brilliant comments that have spurred speculation that Stetler may soon be going to CNN+.

CNN is reportedly working on making something completely different and returning to impartial reporting to improve its ratings and stop its sinking credibility. However, it could be too little too late.

The data tells us what we already knew: America's mainstream media has failed us. They're biased, they encourage censorship of viewpoints of which they don't approve, and they often outright lie. Although Fox's dominance isn't new and the ratings of CNN or MSNBC have been dropping for some time now, along with President Joe Biden's applause numbers, they haven't found the bottom. The American public is becoming more sophisticated and are simply switching their attention to other channels.

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