Kyle Rittenhouse’s Attorney says they have their Sights set on Big Fish

Kyle Rittenhouse appeared on Tucker Carlson on Monday night, along with his lawyer Todd McMurtry. McMurtry also represents Nicholas Sandmann, the young man who was vilified by a variety of media outlets and was portrayed as a criminal for the act of not moving with his MAGA hat when the media was trying to attack everything that was associated with the presidency of Donald Trump. Sandmann's legal counsel received numerous settlements from media companies on behalf of Sandmann. Now, McMurtry is looking into possibilities of taking action for Rittenhouse.

“Well we're going force the media to pay for the harm they caused me. They made it more difficult for me to lead an ordinary life. I'm not able to go out in the public. I'm not able to go to the grocery store. It's difficult to get around without security. Even simple tasks such as going to the park with my pet can be difficult. They made it extremely difficult to get used to and could have impacted future job prospects for me. I'm not sure if I'll be able to be employed because I'm concerned that employers might not choose me.”

McMurtry claimed that the first technology company they were considering as a potential target for litigation was Facebook. McMurtry said Mark Zuckerberg announced on video that the incident Kyle was implicated in was “mass murder.” “That's clearly defamatory,” McMurtry stated. McMurtry also stated that they were planning to take action not only because they made false allegations regarding Kyle, however, they were also hiding the truth by removing posts that could have clarified the situation for the general public.

McMurtry also mentioned the way that the media was calling Rittenhouse the “white supremacist,” a claim made out of thin air, and they were going to pursue these claims too. Although McMurtry did not refer to Joe Biden, he was one of the most well-known people to make that falsehood, and even put out a video with Kyle appearing..

The media took no accountability when it came to Rittenhouse, as this video illustrates.

Rittenhouse stated that he's been subject to harassment over the matter and that he needs to bring security with him.

McMurtry stated to Fox News that there were “probably 10 to 15 solid” cases against “large defendants,” and McMurtry said that Zuckerberg was in the most prominent position “because he has an outsized voice,” considering the platform of Facebook.

In terms of proving damages McMurtry said to Fox News Digital he knows “for a fact that [Rittenhouse] can prove that his job prospects are permanently diminished.”

“Not to forget the term ‘perpetual reputational harm.’ This means that Kyle will never engage in any conversation with anyone that doesn't know who he really is. This will remain with him throughout his life.”

“Everybody's going to judge him in each new encounter he has with everyone throughout his life. This is known as perpetual reputational damage. … Social media's hysteria triggered all of this because people are unable to be rational and reasonable under certain situations,” McMurtry said.

The signs are that they're going to finally start taking actions against individuals. It's quite a change to also include Zuckerberg and Biden. They claim they are not responsible for their actions. If they were to be held accountable, it could send a strong signal to the media as well as public officials — that they'll be held accountable too. It's not hard to demonstrate this reputational harm to Rittenhouse. By looking at the social media platforms, he's being attacked by those who are left-wing as a “murderer” due to the false reporting of the media . And it's true that he'll be in hot water for a long time about everything he does in the world.

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