Pelosi Makes No Promises on Gun Bans

If politicians talk about banning guns, it can cause people to prickle. It's a violation of the rights of citizens under our Second Amendment rights. Guns aren't the cause of mental illness – mentally unstable people and those who are criminally insane are the issue. But, many liberal politicians think that the solution is to take guns away from everyone, even law abiding citizens.

One of the most vocal voices on the ban on firearms can be heard from Nancy Pelosi, otherwise known as speaker of the House.

There's one problem: she's claiming she'll prohibit guns.

Either she's got a clue or something that we don't…or they're making promises she's not going to keep.

Millions of Americans own guns, but they don't ever kill anyone. They are used to protect homes and as collectibles and also for range training. Guns are used to shoot skeets, for relaxation, and for peace of mind.

Certain gun owners won't take the gun off their property.

However, Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats aren't able to comprehend this notion. Guns are used in mass shootings, therefore guns are bad.

We've heard this argument before. Automobiles have been implicated in DUIs; however, we're not banning them altogether. Knives are used in stabbings on subway tracks, however we're not prohibiting knives. Smoking cigarettes can cause lung cancer, but we're not banning cigarettes.

They are merely weapons. We must focus on removing illegal guns from the street. We must use our justice system in order to put criminals in jail. We must also utilize our immigration systems to ensure that illegal immigrants with criminal convictions aren't able to enter the U.S.

However, Pelosi has a different idea.

On Wednesday Pelosi addressed a gathering held in San Francisco where Mayor London Breed was with her. Pelosi assured everyone that the federal legislature will soon be introducing measures to curb shootings all across the U.S.

“Next week, Congress will take up — and actually, tomorrow — the Judiciary Committee will be marking up a bill that does the following: raise the age to buy weapons of war, which is what we call some of these guns, from 18 to 21.”

She believes that since Texas recently reduced the age of entry, it permitted an 18-year-old teenager to purchase an assault weapon and carry out mass murder in the school for children in Uvalde.

Pelosi's remarks were made the day before an individual who was shot entered the hospital in Tulsa and killed four people. The person was carrying both an assault rifle and a handgun and was beyond the age of 18.

Nancy Pelosi is making promises to the American public, and this could be a risky thing. What she would like to see happen and the things others in Congress wish to occur are quite different.

Some Members from the GOP have stated it's more about providing security rather than just removing people from their right to own guns.

There's bipartisan progress in the making – with Republican senators Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham working together with other senators to reach an agreement.

It's obvious that what is coming from the House as well as the Senate will be very different. The Senate is working towards bipartisan agreements. The House is working on a very progressive revision to the Second Amendment. Pelosi and other members of their Democratic Party have no desire to hear what the right says. This means that her pledges are empty. She doesn't realize that bipartisanship is the only way to ensure that a bill is approved by both the House as well as the Senate.

This is unless she is aware that Biden plans to sign an executive decree. It shouldn't be a surprise. The man makes executive orders to regulate everything. So why should gun control be different?

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