Russian Rumblings About What Would Be Required to Take Out Both of the United States’ Coasts Concerning

Russian President Vladimir Putin has the world on his mind. He's lusting for the power that would be his if he were able to bring all the world's nations under his control. The assault on Ukraine was only the first step in Russia’s direction toward the world's top position. He is now adamant in the lie that there is no country to the west able to resist Russia’s power. However, he was unable to conduct an honest assessment when his troops stepped foot on Ukrainian territory.

The Russian president is still caught in an illusion. He believes that Russia could take on the United States and win. Newsweek said that the Russian people are discussing what would be required to take on the United States and triumph. The person responsible for this propaganda has been none other than Aleksey Zhuravlyov. He continues to propagate the idea that Russia could strike and destroy the United States and everything along the coasts. He makes threats because people have told him that America is beginning to press them.

Zhuravlyov told the world, “I will fully inform you that to eliminate all of the east-coast U.S. Two Sarmat missiles are needed, and two missiles are required for the West Coast. Four missiles and no more, they believe that the mushroom will be higher than a high-rise and can be seen when you look out of Mexico.”

He has been talking about using nuclear weapons to attack American cities. Putin believes that he has to continue to issue threats of nuclear attack on the nations who oppose the war he began. He believes it's a smart method of influencing people to look the other way while Putin murders innocent people. Putin is well aware of the fact that, should he use nuclear weapons aimed at his enemies, they will counterattack with the identical methods he has employed. Should Russia attack with nuclear bombs, nobody would remain alive in either nation. Putin's advisor spoke the truth without knowing it when he stated, “What should be said is that there'll be nothing left, no one harbors any illusions about it, that everyone will be fine in case of nuclear war, no one will be fine, but calculate it correctly.”

The Ukrainian people have been fighting a defense that has shocked the world. Russia is not as powerful as we've been led to believe. Putin thought that he would be able to take over the country in just a couple of days. However, the war has been going on for more than 100 days.

The Russians are also proud of their missile system. They claim to be able to launch hypersonic weapons using an innovative platform that they have developed. The issue is that the technology isn't fully operational yet. The latest technology is claimed to have no rival. The Russians assert that there is no defense against this new technology. Putin has accepted as fact that he is unstoppable and that no power will be able to stand against his army. Newsweek has reported that the missile weapon-delivery system is expected to be in place by the end of this year. It has been forecast that the Russian Navy will utilize the technology in its vessels and other methods.

The issue with Putin's technology is that it has a lot in common with its predecessors, which enabled the Russian forces to shoot hypersonic rockets against enemies' ships. Technology serves more as an effective deterrent than anything else. Putin's people are discussing ways to murder Americans in order to prevent the former American president from taking any action to stop Putin's advancements.

U.S. President Joe Biden has put the world into chaos. The power of the United States has kept some level of peace on the globe. However, due to Biden's weak performance as president, the world has fallen apart. Russia was the first nation to benefit from the lack of stability that Biden's influence has created in the world. Biden is a potential disaster ready to occur.

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