With the Help of Joy-Bringing UPS, a Child with Down Syndrome Lives His Dream

Welcome to a feel-good story! Seven-year-old Drew Bausman, who suffers from Down syndrome, loves the United Parcel Service (UPS). At this age, you're a fan of lots of things: pizza, your mom, Legos. However, Drew's primary attention is focused on the delivery business. This brings him particular happiness, as per his mother, Becky Bausman, in an interview with KMAX-TV in Sacramento. “Every time a UPS truck would go by, ‘UPS!'” Becky Bausman said of Drew.

His favorite color is brown. The costume he wore for Halloween? You've guessed it. “So we got him a little uniform for Halloween, and it stuck,” Becky explained. “He started wanting to deliver packages to his friends, and he told everyone who would listen that he wants to be a UPS driver when he grows up.”

The UPS company learned of this and helped transform Drew's dreams into reality. “We heard that he loves delivering, loves UPS and loves bringing joy to–what we do–to other people,” said Ian Gettys, a UPS driver. 

In a mini-truck decorated with flames and packed with boxes, Gettys drove Drew to his school, Caleb Greenwood Elementary. Together, they declared their arrival.

It's a great thing for any child to witness. It is also amazing to see a child's dream fulfilled in this manner. According to Drew's mom, this is why Drew is so fond of UPS, as UPS brings happiness. “Joy is kind of my platform as it relates to Down syndrome because, to be honest, having a kid with Down syndrome has been the greatest source of joy in my life,” Becky stated.

This story hits so many positive notes. Drew Bausman's story is a testament to the things we're still getting right. Down syndrome babies are too often aborted, as death dealers believe that having an extra chromosome implies that there is no significance or need for the child. Becki Bausman decided to live her life when she was pregnant with Drew, and her choice is a source of joy for her family. The joy she has experienced from her choice has been brought to us as we have heard their story. It exposes the ill-conceived notion of abortion as well as the surprising forgiveness that we experience when we treat life with the utmost respect.

UPS is an icon and a great illustration of how a company's image can be utilized for positive purposes. Although we all like to criticize large corporations and lament some of them becoming “woke,” it is pleasing to see a business expand its reach in this manner in the name of kindness. It's great PR for the company; however, UPS did more than fulfill the dreams of a child by bringing to light the magic of childhood. It also highlighted the pleasure of having a belief in basic truths and the fact that giving to others can be an act that changes both the giver and the recipient.

There have been a lot of stories and videos this week that focus on children who are drag queens and the deterioration of innocence. It's a wonderful, cleaner taste to read a story of innocence in the air, and the simple act of doing something because it is enjoyable to the people around you is a wonderful thing.

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