Biden’s Disappearing Base Leaves Him to Sink in the Polls

When checking opinion polls on President Joe Biden, one keeps insisting that he must have hit the bottom, that he cannot just continue falling, can he? Of course, what he's doing warrants him going lower, and so the polls are getting more and more negative for Joe Biden. He's already fallen below all his contemporary predecessors who have held the presidency.

In the most recent poll, the ABC/Ipsos survey, he came in around the 20s, a high level of approval considering the price of gas and inflation, with more than a 70-percent disapproval rating. It's not easy to get better (worse?) than this. It was similar to the poll reported by CNN just a few days prior, which also featured Biden as a 20-something in terms of acceptance.

However, if you've got such figures, you're losing people all over the place. In the latest Quinnipiac poll, he received the lowest percentage yet with a 33-percent approval. And even more, he has been hit hard in the eyes of voters among whom Democrats have traditionally had larger numbers of supporters, such as African Americans (under 50 percent), Hispanics (24 percent), and young voters between the ages of 18 and 34 (22 percent).

The numbers in question are the death knell for Democrats. It’s hard to pick which Democrat has seen lower numbers in the most recent constituencies. This is a massive shift towards Republicans, even if only half of them prefer Republicans.

In the new Zogby polls, he's losing ground in the eyes of urbanites, young-adult minorities, women (especially Hispanics), and union members. It's not clear who's left for Democrats. Biden is currently at the bottom of Hispanic approval at 44 percent. The reason for this? Only 27 percent of people believe that the country is headed in the correct direction. According to the Morning Consult poll, approval is at a record low for him. 

However, if we needed an image to represent Joe Biden in general, he provided it yet again, somehow tumbling down the steps of Air Force One on Wednesday. It's an opportunity to recall the time the president fell three times while walking up the same staircase at the beginning of 2021. He was even seen hitting his head against the edge of the stairs. There have been gait issues in the past, which could be the reason for his difficulties walking up stairs and lifting his feet.

If there's no stable base, you are more likely to slide. This is the issue that Biden is facing right now. He's losing his base, and it's going to make him look like a ragdoll along with Democrats when voters go to the polls in November.

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