Orange County D.A. Todd Spitzer’s Resounding Victory Is Another Nail in the Coffin of California’s Devastating Criminal-Justice Reform

California’s Orange County (OC) District Attorney Todd Spitzer won easily on Tuesday, with all of the precincts reporting, taking 64.10 percent of the vote. Spitzer's highly-funded, Soros-backed rival, Peter Hardin, did his best to beat Spitzer, but the stark contrast between the criminal-justice reforms and strict laws on crime was striking, particularly in light of the rapid growth in criminality, drug use, and homelessness in California.

According to “Voice of OC,” the county's Republican D.A., Todd Spitzer, was on track to be re-elected in a straight-line manner, beating his Democratic opponent by a wide margin. But Democrats made gains to have a chance of winning a majority on the Board of Supervisors for the first time in a decade. Democrats had hoped to oust Spitzer with the help of former prosecutor-turned-defense attorney Peter Hardin, who raised more than $800,000 for his campaign. But Spitzer has a large lead in voter counts, with a 64-percent portion of the vote compared to Hardin's 19 percent, as per the 11 P.M. report on election night.

Spitzer was able to overcome a string of scandals, which included a court decision last week that ruled he was in violation of California's racial-discrimination law as he delivered his message of safeguarding OC from the kind of crime that Los Angeles (LA) has. “This election is about one thing–-ensuring Orange County remains the safest major county in California, instead of being overrun by the same pro-criminal ideology that has destroyed Los Angeles and San Francisco,” Spitzer declared in a statement, reacting to his big advantage in the election-night results.

Has California experienced enough district attorneys who have been backed by George Soros and implemented their twisted criminal-justice reforms? If the recall of Chesa Boudin is any sign, the answer is “Yes.” The recall campaign of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin was initially viewed as an unreal possibility. San Francisco has not recalled any public officials since 1983. However, as the cycles of drug and crime epidemics and homelessness alongside the soft-on-criminals policy implemented by Boudin continued to take place and generate aftermath effects, even the fervent champagne elite and progressives were exhausted and decided that it was the right time for him to step down.

As votes continue to be taken into account, most people believe that Boudin has pretty much been axed. This is a fact that could send chills down the back of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon—if he's got one. The campaign to recall George Gascon has reached 500,000 signatures, and organizers claim they're on track to obtain the 566,857 signed signatures required to put the recall vote on the ballot in November 2022.

Instead of a new-fangled approach to fixing a broken system, Spitzer stuck to his old-fashioned approach to enforcing the law and prosecuting criminals while also protecting the public. Spitzer slammed Gascon's progressive policies and pledged that should he be reelected, he'd stop Orange County from becoming a social experiment gone wrong.

His opponent was the usual woke D.A., preaching criminal-justice reform, including diversion programs, an alarm for anyone seeking the rational and fair prosecuting of criminals. Alongside independent police watchdogs and the end of executions, the only thing Orange County residents had to do was examine the situations 40 miles away in Los Angeles and 409 miles away in San Francisco. They could see the final consequences of the laws Hardin was pushing, and they decided to take a firm stand.

The warning signs are there that this primary will involve a red wave in November. Reform California's Carl DeMaio is seeing similar indications: “After scouring all the Primary Election results this morning, I've got GREAT NEWS to share with you! Our hard work has paid off! We did it! We accomplished our main objective of taking the status of a Republican into the Nov. Runoffs across the entire state!”

We are seeing the presence of a red wave in these figures. The coverage of the state's election last night was wrong (no surprise) since the initial results showed votes tilted Democrat. But when Election Day votes were counted, Republicans across the state had made significant gains. With more than two million votes remaining to be counted across the state, we can expect this trend to continue, with Republicans continuing to come in strong.

The problem of crime isn't going away, and this is especially true with a governor who is unwilling to acknowledge that crime is occurring and has appointed district attorneys who promote criminals while ignoring victims. Californians would like to see a return of law and order as well as an end to the so-called justice reform and its subsequent aftermath.

Todd Spitzer’s victory, Chesa Boudin's recall, and George Gascon's looking likely to suffer the same fate as his brother in the North are all clear indications that the scream for reforming criminal justice is now being snuffed out.

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