Boxed CEO Huang Predicts a Rough Summer Ahead for Consumer Goods’ Prices and Availability

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang is not confident that his company can ensure that consumers stay healthy and well-hydrated and that store shelves remain full. During an interview on Fox News’ Varney & Co. on June 6, the CEO discussed how rough the future could be if forecasts are correct. “This summer, I'm thinking beverages will start to see more expensive prices or shortages due to… currently, these factories are pumping out to capacity. When you consider the increase in consumption of the summer months, and we're not sure how it'll go. We're seeing that the consumer is facing a tough time currently… A lot of people are spending the necessities that they need to live on, from paycheck to pay or meal to meal… the people truly require assistance.”

The projections made by these companies are not going to make investors or the American public feel comfortable regarding the future. The evidence is there for the coming months and years. By misleading the American public about it, President Joe Biden has effectively dragged himself and the entire presidency into a hole from which he can't escape. With the likes of Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg being the primary instigator of fuel price hikes and even rebuking the notion that the American people can have an economic boom and a better economy, it's not surprising that this administration has a hard time getting out of the depths. Until people like Buttigieg wake up enough to realize that their work can have a significant impact on the prices of gas, oil, and other consumer goods, we're all compelled to face the changes they implement at the whims of their bosses.

While they are living in the la-la-land corner they've created for themselves, we are stumbling through this kind of nightmare in the real world. In contrast to elected officials, we're driving our own vehicles, buying our own groceries, and paying our bills ourselves. There's no assistant or any other employee of the government to take care of that. We're tackling all of this by ourselves.

As we get ready for the price hikes and shortages that are just around the corner, American citizens are left wondering what's next. While the administration is blaming everything on Russia, we need to ask what they might blame on North Korea if things blow up in that region. Also, is what happens in Taiwan likely to affect the price of milk here at home as well? It's true that this has turned into a game for the Democrats to play with our lives and also to affect our futures as well as our children's futures. Socialism's goal of reliance on the government is becoming more plausible for them each day.

When asked about the price hikes for goods during this period of inflation, Huang kept it simple. “It is dependent on the product. The rate of inflation hasn't slowed down… Where does this come to an end?… When we have discussions with these suppliers that are now bringing in more… cost hikes. Where does it end for retailers, not just but also for consumers? We've got our sights set on.”

It's good that he's got an eye on it. This means that he really wants to be a part of the solution and not just contribute to the issue at hand. The opposite of Biden. It's a plan Biden might ultimately consider risky, but it's popular with the majority of Americans. The salaries we earn aren't rising enough to keep up with the increasing costs these corporations are forcing into our faces, which means we're all spending more for less. At this point, is it possible to conclude that we're all eager to know when we'll be able to sit back and spend less for more?

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