31 members of a White Nationalist Group Are Arrested

On Saturday, a “bizarre sexual practices” group hosted their annual recruitment and grooming look-at-me party in the city of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. An event held by “Guns d'Alene” was dedicated to the protection of children as well as their rights under the Second Amendment. This combination brought the heebie jeebies or maybe the collywobbles to some participants in the gay pride celebration.

Police were on hand in the area, and as wrote on my blog in Coeur d'Alene Police Threaten Preachers With Arrest to Safeguard Gay Pride Event in City Park, quite indiscriminately about infringing on lawful rights of the First Amendment without the benefit of the well-known COVID Exception in the Constitution.

The motive behind some of the suspicions was revealed. Multiple sources have stated that Antifa was present and several of their members were arrested.

It was more interesting to see the arrival of the khaki-clad, bemasked defense of America, The Patriot Front.

We've seen these yahoos previously. They are present in situations where violence appears feasible and seek to be the catalyst for events, but without taking action. 

The most interesting aspect of these is how they work in close cooperation with the police. They load passengers into U-Haul vehicles in plain sight of cops (you cannot transport passengers inside the back of vans) as well as that police guard media from being too far away so that the number of registrations on vans aren't able to be observed. In Chicago, police let people load their vehicles into private cars with license plates taped on.

There's nothing suspicious about this, of course. 

Then, in Coeur d'Alene, things followed different rules. The moment they arrived, the Patriot Front’s 31 members were detained for “conspiracy to commit mopery with the intent to loiter,” sorry, I meant conspiracy to cause a riot.

Coeur d'Alene Police Chief Lee White informed reporters that 31 people associated with the group were detained in police custody, and they were accused of conspiring to riot.

The group traveled from across the country to cause chaos at this LGBT+ event, White explained. They were from states such as Texas, Utah, South Dakota, Arkansas, Oregon, and Virginia. The law enforcement agencies were quick to stop the group's plans; he added that it was due for “one concerned citizen.”

“We received a telephone call from a concerned citizen who reported that approximately 20 people jumped into a U-Haul wearing masks, they had shields, and ‘looked like a little army,'” he told him.

“They had shields, shin guards, and other riot gear with them, including at least one smoke grenade,” White stated and added that documents that included an “operations plan” had also been discovered inside the U-Haul of the group. It wasn't immediately known if they carried firearms.

Video footage of the location of their arrests showed some of the members sitting on the grass and their hands tied behind their backs, while counter-protesters cheered and shouted “losers!”

Around 20 people from the group in their signature balaclavas, blue shirts, and khakis were seen kneeling while police officers surrounded them. Local reports say that people in the group were uncovered prior to being escorted into police vans.

Some law enforcement authorities stated that an informant in their ranks had pointed them out. Imagine my stunned face at this group of fools having an FBI informant among them. The biggest surprise is that there weren't more than about 25-30 phone calls to FBI informants.

I'm not saying it's true that the Patriot Front is a federally controlled combination of people with f ***-wits that includes a hefty mix of confidential informants and FBI agents, any more than I would say that regarding the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot and the Hutaree Militia. We know that the federal government is involved in inciting violence, and is employing that violence as a reason for surveillance and the criminalization in First Amendment protected activity (the judge in the case of the Hutaree Militia delivered a directed judgment of not guilty, declaring that criticizing authorities wasn't an offense).

I'm hoping that being exposed by the authorities in Coeur D'Alene puts this bunch out of business. What we don't need right now is groups of federally-managed or informer-ridden criminals wearing knee pads, khakis, and trash can lids who present as in our corner. The last time this occurred (New information on the Capitol Riot Challenges media Narrative and asks Questions that Should Be Solved), there was a demonstration at the Capitol, Ashil Babbitt was executed in cold blood, and Roseanne Boyland was brutally beaten to death.

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