Left-Wing Group Promises Supreme Court Insurrection

I am sorry to share this information on a weekend, but the left-wing party has declared an insurrection for Monday at the Supreme Court.

It's not humorous, nor am I overextending the meaning of the word. Rather, I'm reporting on the basis of the definition set out in the article on the 6th of January, which states that an insurrection is when protesters attempt to prevent the constitutional process of government from happening.

Yes, that's the plan “Shut Down DC” is going to accomplish. They're not shy about their language either. Their stated aim is to block the Supreme Court in order to prevent it from publishing opinions. In this instance, their main concern will be the Dobbs decision, which will rule against Roe v. Wade unless the latest threats have prompted one justice to reconsider their decision.

The group known as “Shut Down DC” plans to “blockade the streets around the Supreme Court” on Monday, according to its website, as part of a protest which is aimed at “shutting down” the Supreme Court in preparation to issue a ruling that could invalidate Roe V. Wade.

The protest is planned in the wake of growing concerns over the security of Supreme Court justices following the arrest in the late night of Wednesday, outside the home of justice Brett Kavanaugh, of an armed man who was reported to have said that he planned to murder the justice.

Hey, look at me, I didn't create the rules. This is, according to the commonly-used Democrat definition, an insurrection. It's taking direct action to prevent the functioning of the government in a way that impedes the constitutional process. It is not reasonable to claim that this kind of standard is only applicable to the certification of elections and other things. If closing the doors of Congress is an act of insurrection, similarly is closing out the Supreme Court.

Will they be successful? Most likely not, considering that the justices will not appear again until Friday. Additionally, I'd imagine that any rulings could be released in a remote manner if it's what is required. But the motive is obvious here and it's extremely hypocritical of the left not to denounce this. Of course, they're not protesting because they are…hypocrites. But I digress.

It is fascinating that this has been scheduled on a Monday, the day that the court is scheduled to release additional decisions. This doesn't seem to be random, given that it could have been done over the last few days since decisions were made public. Did they have to wait until Monday to be tipped off that Dobbs will be dropping? I sure hope that the Supreme Court didn't suffer another big leak like this one. I suppose we'll find out. While we wait, take pleasure in the media and left tying themselves into knots trying to explain why urging this Supreme Court to shut it down is fine , and isn't anything like an act of insurrection.

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