House Pushes Gun Package by Using Emotional Manipulation

With the House chamber majority of 228-199, adoption of the “Protect Our Kids Act” looks at making major modifications on our Second Amendment. The whole package was approved by 223-205.

Two Democrats- Reps. Jared Golden (ME) and Kurt Schrader (OR) – voted against the act. Representatives from the Republican party: Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Anthony Gonzalez (OH), Chris Jacobs (NY), Adam Kinzinger (IL) as well as Fred Upton (MI) all decided to vote across the aisle and in favor of the legislation.

With an extremely divided Senate, the package is facing an enormous obstacle. With the need for 10 Republicans working across the aisle in order for the bill to pass means the Democrats are going to have a tough fight. Given the divisions in their own party, that number could grow to 15, or even 20 when the dust has settled. It's safe to say that the chances of this happening any time in the near future are extremely low.

These plans seek to increase the age at which you can purchase semi-automatic guns from 18 to 21. Magazines that contain more than 15 rounds will be banned. They also propose new laws on straw purchases and trafficking in guns and implement storage regulations, and make grants to help people to comply with the new rules. They are also planning to end DIY (aka ghost firearms) firearms that are subject to federal regulations.

If they pass the bill, it will essentially alter the rules regarding age and size laws for magazines. The rest is just smoke and mirrors as the only way of being able to determine if you're in violation is to make an illegal search or seizures. The issue is, the laws that are based on smoke and mirrors are frequently pushed and implemented and enforced by those who want to make Hitler appear to be a saint. They also get their income from the number of people they can transform into criminals with the help of propaganda: the alphabet boys.

Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) spoke on the House floor on what he observed in the bill. “None of these proposals are radical. Actually, they're what the majority of Americans want to see us do. These proposals are not intended to take guns from gun owners who are lawful. They're designed to stop victims of being killed in their churches and schools as well as grocery stores and homes…This legislation would have prevented the shooters from Buffalo or Uvalde from purchasing guns.”

This type of blatant generalization from the left is extremely risky. They think that most people like them, but they have yet to speak about whether they are the American voters or the ones who are ineligible to vote. While they may be able to provide inaccurate statistics, the majority can't give you the name of the recent shooting victim in their town or in their area.

The leftist political parties and their representatives have never spoken to the American citizens. In speaking to only the groups they have targeted for special interest who are ensuring that the answers they receive are precisely what they want to hear.

Fortunately, on the right side, we have politicians who are like Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) who also addressed the floor. He spoke about the shootings at Uvalde, TX and Buffalo, NY “as wrong as possible to get … However, the best way to deal with it is not to eliminate the Second Amendment, but that is precisely where Democrats would like to take us. The bills would define the time you can purchase a firearm, the type of gun you can purchase, and the best way and location to store the firearm at home.”

Americans are entitled to and need to be treated with more respect than that. We shouldn't have laws that don't make sense and only serve to make people feel more secure when they take their pearls. The most important thing is to tackle the root of the problem and it all begins with the home.

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