No Criminal Referrals to Come from January 6th Committee

On Sunday, a lot of members of the 6th Committee proclaimed that they have enough evidence to justify an indictment against Donald Trump. The media was high-stakes at the time that the second “the walls are closing in” moment happened. The vision of seeing the former president's hair cut off from the top of his head was within sight.

That was…until Monday night was over. In a sudden twist, Rep. Bennie Thompson who chairs the committee which meets on the 6th of January has stated that the committee won't be conducting any criminal referrals. Not just of Trump and other people but not for any person.

Here's the dollar value per CNN:

When asked if the panel will ever look into any formal request made from the Justice Department, the Mississippi Democrat said, “No, that's not our responsibility. It is our job to examine the circumstances surrounding January 6, the cause of it, and to make recommendations based on that.”

This is the story of the committee on January 6, following its sloppy, fraudulent creation. They over-promise and fail to deliver each deadline. We've been hearing about the shocking evidence that proves Trump was in a shady conspiracy to cause the Capitol breach for more than a year. What's the reason? What will it take for them to make the connections they've been insisting on connecting? After two hearings, there is no indication that the evidence will be forthcoming.

And, Thompson basically says, “Well, yeah, we've got the goods, but we won't be making any criminal referrals.” Does this satisfy the sniff test for anyone? It suggests that we should expect similar situations to take place during the time they've been in. Many more emotional declarations or interviews of people who aren't relevant such as Chris Stirewalt, and the absence of evidence to prove what they actually say.

Although some leftists try to defend their positions using this argument by saying that it's not the authority of Congress to make decisions on criminal referrals, the commission absolutely has the power to make these referrals. In addition, its members have stated that they are able to do this. What do I know? Following Thompson's remarks, Rep. Liz Cheney immediately responded, saying that there was no decision on any criminal referrals in relation to Trump.

Rep. Liz Cheney, who is vice-chair of the panel, has issued an official statement of opposition to the chairman's comments. “The January 6th Select Committee has not made a decision on potential criminal referrals. We will announce a conclusion regarding this at a later moment,” Cheney tweeted. 

The announcement was an unusual gap in the public sphere between the two heads of the committee.

Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Elaine Luria also tried to reverse Thompson's announcement. The latter threatened to sue the chairman.

“You know, I haven't seen the chairman's statements,” Schiff said to CNN's Anderson Cooper. “We did not have a discussion about it and I don't know whether the committee has come to an agreement on whether to be referring or what the potential referrals would be. I believe we're deferring the decision until we have completed our investigation. So, at least that's how I understand it.”

Rep. Elaine Luria, the Virginia Democrat went one step further when she tweeted “Our committee is yet to decide whether we'll be recommending Criminal referrals to the Department of Justice. If there was criminal activity in our committee, we have the responsibility to report the activity to the DOJ.” 

Although there isn't evidence to link Trump with any kind of cooperation during the riots on January 6, the panel which was charged with determining the link is now exploding. The fact that all were pressured to publish their disagreements isn't a sign of what the current situation is. Sit down and be prepared for the outcome to be positive, particularly if the chairman adheres to his values.

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