Parent Sues Woke LA Private School, Claims Anti-Semitism

The lavish Los Angeles area Brentwood School is being getting sued by the father of a former student for its claims of having the existence of a “racially divisive, anti-Semitic” curriculum that he claims to have drastically changed and become “woke” after the death of George Floyd. The lawsuit was filed by the dad of angry student, Jerome Eisenberg, who claims his daughter was kicked out of the school to get exposed to the new environment at Brentwood.

The basis for this is from the DailyMail:

Eisenberg said he was content with the school until the summer of 2020 when the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer prompted an unconfirmed revision of the philosophy behind the school's curriculum and policies.

This school has been accused of holding groups that were racially segregated as well as encouraging pupils to see Jewish individuals as oppressors as well as discriminating against people belonging to an Jewish family.

“Everything at Brentwood was dramatically altered after George Floyd's passing,” the lawsuit claimed.

Eisenberg is seeking compensation from the school due to a breach of the Unruh Civil Rights Act, that protects people from discrimination from California businesses, and also for intentionally inflicting emotional distress.

The K-12 private school that costs $500,000 annually, says these claims are “baseless” and a “work of whole fiction.”

The school is located in the exclusive Brentwood area within Los Angeles and boasts celebrity alumni like Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Jack Quaid, Jonah Hill, and… Andrew Breitbart. The parents of alumni include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reese Witherspoon, and Jack Nicholson.

Similar to numerous schools and universities across the country, Brentwood began heavily focusing on “diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice,” or “DEIJ,” after the death of George Floyd and the months-long protests that followed. The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) is well-informed and has an understanding of what it wants from its 1,900 members:

NAIS believes that the discussion of issues related to diversity, equity and diversity and belonging will make everyone, including students and adults, succeed and encourages the member institutions to engage by implementing strategies that reflect and reflect the purpose of the school.

There's been lots of criticism throughout the country. Some opponents of DEIJ assert that it's actually CRT, sometimes referred to by the name of Critical Race Theory, in disguise in order to increase its appeal to parents and teachers.

This isn't claimed by Eisenberg but he asserts that Brentwood has replaced its old curriculum with “an identity-based ideology of grievance, resentment, and racial divisiveness” and “started indoctrinating [students] into what to think, based on Brentwood's preferred political fad of the moment.” Eisenberg claims:

In the reading course for females, To Kill a Mockingbird and Lord of the Flies were substituted for Ibram X Kendi in a  book that Eisenberg said contained ‘ahistorical racism and intolerant opinions of our nation's history without valid educational purpose.

“[The] English Department told parents that if they wanted their children to read Shakespeare or Hemingway, they should do it in their own free time,” Eisneberg's legal complaint reads.

It's not surprising that Brentwood will not be taking this suit to the streets.

The curriculum changes haven't impacted the enthusiasm for Brentwood. Actually, there are more people that want to go to Brentwood than they've ever had, according to sources.

The parent of the student who requested anonymity, stated that “it's just two or three parents who are dissatisfied with the changes to the school's curriculum. Students generally (including my personal) aren't averse towards the new curriculum.”

It's not shocking that some students do not have an “problem with it”–after all, expressing their opinions could earn them the scorn or even the ire of teachers. They're only minors, so it's not their job to assume power.

The fight in Brentwood is just one of many conflicts that are occurring across the country. Consider how 42 states have been in the process of drafting legislation to prohibit CRT from schools or to limit the use of CRT.

The story will continue to unfold because parents think that teaching their children everything using”the “lens that is based on race and discrimination” doesn't seem to be the right method to address the issue.

David Pivorak, the attorney for Eisenberg has stated:

“There are many unhappy parents that are affected by an ever-changing LA afraid to speak out and voice their displeasure at this sort of thing.”

In the aftermath of cancel culture which has spread throughout the nation, protesting and voicing your opinions against the woke culture can be compared to having a scarlet-colored inscription on your face. You're not just exiled from your social circle but from society at large.

They're not only afraid of losing their place within the community. They're also worried about the future of their children, as well as their admissions letters and their future.

Parents have been hesitant to express their opinions. Pivorak claims that children are beginning to realize their voices. They're not all willing to bow and wait for the DEIJ conflict to escalate to levels within the next few months.

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