Sean Hannity Texts Raise Eyebrows

Resurfaced messages that were exchanged between Sean Hannity and Kayleigh McEnany, Trump's ex-press secretary, have been causing controversy after they were made public at Monday's hearing on January 6th.

In the exchange, which took place one day after the protests in the Capitol, Hannity made several statements that shed light on the division over what should be done in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election. Hannity, the Fox News host, stated “no more crazy people,” which McEnany completely agreed with. Hannity followed up to provide five bullet points on how to proceed with the election, which included “No more stolen election talk.”

Looking at the time of the texts, Hannity was spitting into the wind at this point. The stolen election story, no matter where one falls on the subject, was an integral part of Trump's public sphere and wasn't going to go away. In fact, it's the basis of nearly everything he's ever said until the present day.

Regarding “no more crazy people,” this would have been a wise idea at the close of the month of November in 2020. In January, the damage was caused by people like Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell who both investigated the issue of corruption in the most irrational and self-destructive ways possible. Trump required top experts at the time and not self-absorbed individuals who were clearly over their heads.

The results prove that, as blunder upon blunder was made, there were numerous claims that were not properly investigated, all while Powell claimed to have magic bags of ballots in her office she didn't deliver. In the meantime, Giuliani simply didn't have the experience to manage the initiative, and the results showed it.

It's interesting that Hannity mentioned getting the right decision with Pence and the idea Hannity says Trump was willing to consider in the past. Evidently, it did not happen in any way or manner and I don't think it's going to be too much of a leap to claim it's unlikely to happen, especially because Pence has stated that he's running in the 2024 presidential election.

Another thing that has raised eyebrows was Hannity's reference to the pardon of “Hunter.” Some have speculated that Hannity's Fox News personality meant Duncan Hunter and that the pardon already occurred in December. It appears, however, that Hannity did in fact propose an idea to pardon Hunter Biden. In response, what's the reason?

Perhaps I'm not playing 5D chess, however I can't imagine the benefits that the pardoning of Hunter Biden would have accomplished more than letting a degenerate criminal get off the hook. It's true that the timing of the incident is important in the end. One of the main reasons the 6th of January was so pathetic was because it basically placed a stopper on any genuine investigation into electoral fraud. Following the incident, at the time the texts were delivered and received, there was nothing Trump could do to hinder Joe Biden. After all, he'd been approved for the presidency. Why should Hannity think it wise to let Hunter Biden off the hook even though it will gain nothing? Why would Hannity even consider it at that time? Did he really think it could somehow bring Trump back to his good graces? That's a question I'd love to hear him respond to.

What's clear from the texts that have been presented is that Hannity isn't a fan of Trump in any way. In spite of the allegations that he's an informal adviser; however, not one bit of the Fox News host's advice got used.

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