Twitter’s Hatred of Conservatives Further Uncovered by Libs of Tiktok

The most important secret kept in our modern society is that liberals really, truly hate conservatives. It's not just about conservative values and beliefs. It's about conservatives as a whole. They've gone all in whenever the opportunity arises and personally slam everyone who dares to sing their Satanic slogan. Libs of Tiktok has accepted the sting of personal slams to her inexplicably self-confident attitude to replicate liberal's comments, and is conscious that there is a new attack against the woman (more than ever before in actual reality) which comes from Twitter. She writes:

Conservative Twitter accounts have been going down like flies. Yesterday, Allie Stuckey was locked out of the Twitterverse for “hateful conduct.” Her crime? She was slamming Fox News for celebrating a child's gender change. There was nothing wrong about her tweet. She wasn't threatening anyone. She certainly didn't advocate for violence. She was just angry.

That’s all you need now. 

LOTT has made public receipts derived from an exchange between Twitter employees. The photos from an internal chatroom expose the utter rage regarding whether conservatives are about to launch a murder attack on transgender individuals since we aren't a fan of drag queens who tell stories to our children. The entire discussion can be found accessible on the website of LOTT. Here are a few “highlights:”

In relation to LOTT's Twitter account:

I don't even know the reason for why this account is even in existence.

To provoke violence against marginalized individuals are still allowed to post

A third person commented:

If we decide to remove the account, we might be able to.

We are losing faith in our platform from people who have ever thought that we're irreparably biased against conservatives.

We have been successful in deplatforming Trump.

I don't believe that deplatforming Libs of TikTok could trigger a mass exodus. 

This may not be in the scope of your “fiduciary” interest to the site that has been imposed to ban accounts that have a prominent profile as of now.

It's hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

messages. I am disapproving and disgusted by the behavior that is currently flourishing on our platform and empowering white supremacists/fascists to continue operating without fear of reprisal when engaged in risky physical and emotional violence against trans folx and the wider LGBTQ+ community.

Quick question. Has anyone issued a single tweet calling to use violence in the face of trans and Alpha-Bits? A. Single. One? No. This is the reason we're all here.

The reason for pushing the envelope of perversion is the hill liberals have chosen to lay their crosses on and connect themselves to is a mystery. Do they really believe that they're talking about anything more than a small percentage of the population? Are they really afraid that they'll be shut off from the flow of cash to both pharmaceutical and medical companies alike if they decide to label permanent chemical and surgical mutilations of children who have a momentarily confused view of what they are?

If one is willing to take a stand upon the shifting sands of insanity, it's no wonder the person is not a fan of those whose feet are set on the rock.

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