Biden Acknowledges His Intelligence, or Lack Thereof

Joe Biden stuck his foot in his mouth as he admitted to a fundamental truth about his intellect on Tuesday.

I previously wrote about how the White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre does not know about, or lies about the cause of the soaring inflation. The press secretary was confronted with facts that economic experts claim the Biden's American Rescue Plan helped to cause the rise in inflation. She also claimed that the Plan aids in dealing with the problem of inflation. The ignorance of the Biden administration comes from the top, from Joe Biden himself.

We covered Joe Biden's wacky rant in front of his speech to the AFL-CIO in Philadelphia in which he lashed out at those who dared to speak out against his extravagant spending, which contributed to the rising inflation which Americans are suffering. Biden's answer to the issue of inflation shows that it's not just Jean-Pierre who was in the dark or trying to fool Americans. Biden claimed his tax hikes for the rich and corporate entities could save the taxpayer 30 bucks on high speed internet. If it isn't logical, that’s because it's Joe Biden. “That's a lot of money,” Biden said. That's not even counting the $460 extra per month that we're paying by way of Bidenflation. I believe that it cancels out the alleged $30.

To address skyrocketing inflation, Biden threatens a new round of tax hikes on consumers: “I'm being deadly earnest!”

-Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) June 14 2022

If you increase corporate taxes, guess what's going to occur? They'll increase their prices to recover the difference. It's a basic principle of economics and the plan he has while Americans are being hit hard. He didn't seem to comprehend the issue when he mentioned the possibility of having oil released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to deal with the rising cost of gas -He called it the “global fund.” It isn't a “global fund” that is meant to be used by the entire world; it's an American fund designed to be used in our nation's emergency. “Emergencies” aren't when Biden needs to take action to compensate for his energy policies that are anti-energy and attempt to boost his ratings before the midterm elections. This is a problem caused by him and he's still not doing what can help by lifting the restrictions off of energy. We've mentioned that there's no change to the leases and drilling is halted. In addition, the releases that have been issued to date haven't reduced prices, but they've risen to their highest levels ever, more than $5.00 since the time he started the release.

It reveals such a lack of knowledge (or the intent to destabilize the economy) which is quite scary. It's the “basic truth about his intelligence” that I was speaking about. And why something else that he mentioned during his AFL-CIO speech was hilarious as well as sad and true in the same breath. He stated that Stacey Abrams was smarter than him. He also named her “Stacey Abram.”

Joe Biden says that Stacey Abrams is smarter than Biden.

— (@townhallcom) 13 June 2022

He also claimed that she was committed. Did he remember how she was rude to him during January's visit to Georgia over her primary concern on the right to vote? It is believed that she was having a “scheduling” issue and couldn't be observed by him in Georgia in which his approval rating, as it is elsewhere in the country, is in the trash.

However, she's not the only one who is smarter than him according to his comments.

Some people that Joe Biden thinks are smarter than he is:

– All the women in his life

— Kamala Harris

– His sister

— Stacey Abrams

– Hunter Biden 

— (@townhallcom) 15 June 2022

If Kamala Harris, Hunter Biden, and Stacey Abrams are smarter than him, then we're in trouble.

However, he wasn't done. He brought Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) along during the flight aboard Air Force One but then when he mentioned her in his speech, he could not identify her name. She was referred to as “Mary Kay Scanlon.” It's probably superior to the other mixes he's come up with, for example, when he could not even understand who he was talking about to his right.

However, I wanted to conclude by pointing out how absurd his lack of knowledge is. He says the office was filled with “long lines” of people waiting to eat before the time he arrived at work and waited for a container of food.

It is a different view of facts. That was not a result of a poor economy, but of the lockdowns. The economy was flourishing prior to the lockdowns as a result of policies that worked, and the lowest rate of unemployment in fifty years. But the problems that have arisen under Biden are the result of his policies, and they've expanded to all Americans and lasted much longer than the brief interruptions. But even then there weren't a lot of high fuel prices or food costs, nor did you have anyone in need of infant formula due to government intervention.

New Yorkers who struggle with #Bidenflation, tell CBS New York, “All prices are going up except our paychecks”

“Milk, cheese, like eggs, everything is expensive nowadays” 

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) June 13 2022

However, even though Biden is known to be angry and rant about how people don't get it, we are the ones to suffer from Biden's ignorance and bad policies.

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