May I Speak?

“My best friend texted me last year to tell me she could no longer be my friend because I am a conservative and that basically means I'm an insurrectionist.”

“I have not seen my children of adulthood for four years. They claim FAUX NEWS has brainwashed me and I'm a racist as well as homophobic because I have voted in favor of Trump.”

“My brother isn't interested in anything to have to do with me and my family anymore, because we have refused to receive the COVID vaccine. He believes that we're uncaring QANON idiots.”

The previous assertions are variations of what I've been hearing from my friends over the last several years. If you're a conservative, you're likely to have at least within the last couple of years had someone you're close to think it was acceptable to make you feel ashamed and to discredit you and denounce your worth as an individual based on the vote you made or an opinion on a particular issue you had. You'd think that liberal religious fanatics would be happy with their massive electoral wins in 2020. Instead, they've become becoming more brutal and harsh. It's as if they haven't won any sort of victory at all.

In lieu of basking in the glory of triumph, the progressives have waged a full-on culture war against the majority of America and those who are conservative. There was a time when conservatives were getting “canceled” for conservative views. Today, liberals and other leftists have found themselves being snubbed from the culture chopping block for the tiniest of offenses, such as simply declaring that freedom of speech is a right, or “liking” a post that the progressive mob doesn't approve of. On campus, both students and professors have been demonized for taking a step beyond the boundaries of progressive ideology. Bret Weinstein was fired, perhaps for his entire life, simply for asking students to not be barred from campus solely because of the complexion of their skin.

There is no way to be secure any longer. The mobs have taken over the streets and social media. They have spies all over. A mistake can trigger the snitch-brigade. In a flash, you could lose your family, friends, or even your job image, if one progressive believes you've violated the church's rules.

For a lot of average Americans, this change in reality has resulted in a shivering silence from their side. Many don't feel comfortable to participate in the political debates that are taking place in their midst. They fear being judged or even worse.

I recently had a chat with a friend who is in college who admitted that having been away from school and seeing the emergence of chaos in the area has led him to be more conservative; however, he wasn't at ease to respond with a variety of arguments. The main strategy he used was to focus on his own affairs and let others speak and rant, but he thinks that he's at the point at which he ought to perhaps be more assertive.

My suggestion on behalf of him is to be cautious regarding when and where he expresses his views. The field in which he's studying requires an approach that is more nuanced when dealing with business and politics often, and unfortunately it's not “safe” to participate.

Another thing I explained to him was that there will be a moment in which he'll realize that it's time to speak up and be heard. You'll feel it in your stomach, and once it occurs, he'll have to be ready to accept the consequences that are ensuing from the truth.

There are many who are not a pundit-in-training. Some people aren't comfortable speaking out about their views. In the current climate, it's understandable. There is no reason to be ashamed for not wanting to take the risk.

If you do have the gumption, let me offer some motivation.

Many times, when you are willing to be vulnerable in your views, you'll see that others around you appreciate you and will follow your lead. The majority of people aren't naturally leaders, however I believe that a majority of people aren't progressive either. At present, the insane control the asylum, while everyone else feels as if we're the only ones in our belief that they're insane.

If you're brave enough make a move at a time and look around, you'll be amazed by how many rational people are sitting in front of you.

They only need permission to speak, and your action could be granting that permission.

In the midst of COVID's madness I decided that I had enough of the masking. It was like lying to my face. I was disgusted, and I think many readers were too. I decided to never wear it to shops anymore, and if I were requested to go home, I would leave with a smile. I was not trying to make any trouble, it was just… to put the matter bluntly… I was sick of this *******. In the grocery store, as I waited at the counter to make a purchase, the woman who was in front of me paused for a moment, and she noticed the look of surprise at the sight of her eyes. was able to see my unmasked face. 

However, the young woman returned to her original position, and then sat down, taking her mask off. She was ready to go and she just required permission.

If you're inclined to take the risk, and grant permission to people around you who aren't as adventurous, you'll be shocked by the number of allies around you. This is one reason why they seek to intimidate us into silence. If we can't identify our “brethren,” we can't unite.

Permission to speak is granted.

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