Pest Control Company Offers Big Monay to Homeowners in Exchange for the Release of 100 Cockroaches

Have you ever tried to figure out how to make money on your insects?

Unfortunately, your six-legged roommates could remain deadbeats with no income.

If you're prepared to let your home to the dozens of dictyoptera occupants, you and your family may become a major money maker creeping around and peeping on your carpet. Maybe even in your sleeping mouths.

According to The New York Post, a pest control business located in North Carolina is offering big dollars to homeowners who like the ease of earning cash.

It is estimated that the Pest Informer will give you two million dollars, and all you need to do is to give them an impressive welcome:

The company will pay homeowners $2,000 in exchange for the release of 100 cockroaches into their homes.

Let the animals take their time and make themselves at home. There's no need to guide them around. They'll discover every corner and crevice on their own.

The company is coughing up large amounts of cash as they'd like to determine whether an innovative method of removal is effective:

The Pest Informer has made the request to homeowners to attempt to try “a specific pest control technique” and determine how effective it can be.

If you're interested in finding out if they're in a position to get rid of roaches, then it's best to act now. According to Space is not unlimited:

We are currently seeking 7 to 7 homeowners to let us bring 100 American Cockroaches in your home. You must also give our permission to capture and test a specific insecticide.

In fact, they'd like to “gauge how effective [the] treatment is.”

The study is expected to run for “approximately 30 days.” In the course of that time, will the pests that plague us become biblical and spread?

Here's some web-based information about American Roach gestation:

Females place their eggs in an ovoid capsule, also known as an ootheca, and are produced within a week of mating. They make an ootheca each month for 10 months, with each capsule having about 16 eggs. Cockroaches who are pregnant typically carry their egg cases for a few days prior to putting the eggs in a secure location. American Roaches have a gestation time of around 44 days.

Perhaps the Blattodea birthing parents are already expecting? Cockroach Zone offers an explainer about how to determine:

Female cockroaches are pregnant if there is an orange-colored protrusion that is visible from the lower portion on her back. This sac-like bean is an egg casing, commonly referred to as the ootheca. It generally contains 16 to 40 eggs. Female cockroaches may lay as many as 14 egg capsules or have 400 offspring over the course of their lives.

If all of the female roaches are male, then naturally you are at risk of them infecting your eligible arthropods that are already in your home.

What's a home full of roaches if it's received $2,000? This is enough to fill more than two tanks of Biden-era gasoline.

Other ways to use your huge cash-flow:

  • For male readers: A method to get an expensive piece of jewelry for a wife. Do not tell her about the deal you've struck; surprise gifts are romantic.
  • The first month's rent of your newly-single bachelor's pad should your amorous endeavor fail.

Are you ready to sign up? The Pest Informer lays out the guidelines:

  • You must own the property or get written approval by the owner.
  • The applicant must be aged 21 or older in order to qualify.
  • You must be within the Continental United States.
  • The cockroach treatment that has been tested is family and pet secure.
  • You should not attempt any other cockroach treatment for the duration of the research.
  • It is expected that the duration for this research will be about 30 days.

“If you believe you're in the right household for the job,” the website advises, “please fill out our application form below and we'll get back to you shortly!”

If this new method of killing does not work, don't be concerned:

After the study, if the infestation of cockroaches has not been completely eliminated, we will employ conventional methods of treating cockroaches for free.

It seems like a great opportunity. Best of luck to everyone who decides to apply.

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