103-year-old Woman Takes Title for Oldest Parachutist

Do you have a bucket list? If yes, then go after it now -Our time on the ground is limited.

For the lucky few, it's 100 years. However, Rut Linnea Ingegard Larsson was aware that she would not be able to do physical feats for a long time.

Thus, this Swede did not stop at all in her early years. She quit paragliding at the age of 90.

Rut's also been able to mark additional goals including becoming a grandmother, mother, and great-grandmother.

Her 90th birthday party in the stratosphere spawned an additional time-sucking fate: at the age of 102, which is considered to be an egg-state, she attempted parachuting to the ground for the very first time. This brought to life her dream as a teenager to break the world record.

Thus, on the 29th of May, at Motala, Sweden, the spring chicken flew into the air for a second time.

Harnessed to the parachute expert Joackim Johansson, she swept the floor with a gaggle of height-loving girls all over the place.

As per Guinness World Records, Rut was the oldest person to parachute from a plane in tandem — at an age of 103 and 259 days.

It was a bright and sunny day, and numerous regional media organizations were in attendance for the event to record Rut's amazing attempt.

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