Gang Member Responsible for Murder of Police Officers Was Released Before Shooting

Yet another day and another tragic instance of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon's failings.

Two El Monte Police officers were killed in the course of responding to a possible stabbing incident at a motel.

On Wednesday, the city and coroner's officials from the county identified the officers as Corporal Michael Domingo Paredes and Officer Joseph Anthony Santana.

Both males “were raised in the city of El Monte and had a strong connection to the community they served,” city officials stated in a post on Instagram with pictures of both men.

The officers were called to the Siesta Inn located on Garvey Avenue, but were immediately surrounded by gunfire, the officials claimed. Both were taken by ambulance to LAC, USC Medical Center, where they were pronounced dead.

The suspect was killed and shot in the presence of at minimum one additional officer at the front in the vicinity of the hotel, police have stated. He was killed at the scene and was not identified until Wednesday afternoon.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin updated viewers with details about the suspect who is now dead:

Justin William Flores was a gang member in prison for felony possession of the use of a firearm. Because of Gascon's gentle approach to crime, Flores only received a “bare minimum sentence” in an agreement to plead guilty.

Sources from Melugin's police department have told the reporter that Flores was a striker who had been convicted in 2011. If Gascon's guidelines weren't in place at the time the case was set for trial in February 2021, Flores was likely to have faced between two and three years in jail at minimum. Due to Gascon's instructions to get rid of previous convictions, gangs, and firearm enhancements, Flores was given two years' probation and was released.

If Flores been in prison, he might not have been in the Siesta Inn to murder the officers.

Following San Francisco's recall of their district attorney Chesa Boudin on the 7th of June, the repercussions of Gascon's faulty policies leave him ripe for the possibility of falling.

Here's a brief review of the devastation caused by Gascon's orders:

  • An intoxicated teenager who mowed into the mother and her infant, nearly killing them both, received only five months of “probation camp.” It was later discovered that he also committed a violation of parole.
  • Hannah Tubbs, now a transgendered woman, sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in 2010 at the time he was barely one day shy of turning 18. At 26, Tubbs was accused of being a juvenile and was granted probation. In a prisoner's conversation with his father, Tubbs ridiculed the victim and joked about escaping molestation.
  • Convicted murderer and Gang member Luis Angel Hernandez bragged on the audio tapes in the jail saying that Gascon was an “champ” and vowed to get Gascon's name tattooed onto his face to show his defiance of his gun and enhancements to gang.

Wednesday, Recall George Gascon organizers spoke with Melugin. They said they have collected 567,000 unverified signatures. The organizers also revealed to Melugin that in the past few days they've collected more than 30,000 signatures! In order to achieve this they intend to collect at least 650,000 signatures to increase the total and ensure that the 566,857 required signatures are gathered for the recall to appear on the ballot in November 2022 The deadline to reach this is the 6th of July.

In the County of Los Angeles, removing Gascon is now a must and they appear to be getting close to reaching that goal. The killing of El Monte police officers will only fuel the flames.

For the families and widows of the bereaved of officers Paredes and Santana, it is only a tiny relief that Gascon has stated that his office could help with funeral costs of the officers killed in the shooting.

Ironic, considering that the blood and deaths of their victims are at the mercy of Gascon.

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