WH Briefing is a Dumpster Fire

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is struggling with her job. She's certainly not doing well. To be honest, how could anyone successfully defend Joe Biden's behavior in this moment, since Biden continues to do and say the worst? There's no method to defend this situation, and any person who attempts to do so will have a difficult time.

In a speech on, Tuesday she claimed she believed that she believed that the American Rescue Plan, one of the factors that could have led to inflation, aided in the fight against inflation, making a wildly incorrect comment.

Instead of changing guidelines or doing the right thing, the Biden team appears to be using two different strategies.

The first one is cutting down Jean-Pierre's time on the podium. On Wednesday, she took 13 mins. Then she was able to get away.

Her infrequent response to questions has annoyed the liberal media as we've previously reported. They believe (rightly) they’re not getting the right answers. However, Biden's team is probably thinking that the less time they have, the less likely it is to be hit on any topic. However, after 13 minutes, they're still being judged for saying ridiculous things, like telling energy companies to “stop talking about the war,” as a reason to not produce more, even though it's Joe Biden blaming Vladimir Putin and the conflict in Ukraine.

Then they added John Kirby. Kirby was an official spokesperson of the Pentagon. A few on the left were upset when it was revealed that Kirby was invited to assist in certain White House briefings, because they thought that Kirby was showing Jean-Pierre's face and screamed “patriarchy” or something. You might remember how horrible Kirby did during the disastrous period of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the fact that he did not have answers, and even more so in relation to the number of Americans who were left in Afghanistan.

The Biden team, who have maintained their impeccable track record of being wrong on almost everything, and cannot provide any clear answers. In a Fox interview, Peter Doocy asked some pretty interesting questions, such as the reason why they appear to be focused on drilling abroad instead of here, and what more we can reduce reserves of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves before it could pose a threat to our national security.

Kirby did not have an answer, and suggested that Doocy should talk to Biden's energy advisors. It's a national security issue and Kirby is the newly appointed National Security Council coordinator for Strategic Communications. How are they able to not be able to answer the question and accurately examine the steps being taken to reduce reserves in the absence of knowing the amount of reserves they have? The inability to know is completely absurd, and suggests they don't consider the security of our nation or any other emergencies seriously.

Some people seemed to believe Kirby was slightly superior to Jean-Pierre, because Kirby didn't appear as a deer caught in headlights as Jean-Pierre has.

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