January 6’s hearings Prove that Dems Have Lost Americans’ Interest

We've noticed that the January 6 hearings aren't going smoothly.

It was a disaster on opening night, which was live on primetime. The January 6 Committee has been misleading in their speeches, attempting to discredit the president Donald Trump and other Republicans, and it is clear that the main purpose of these hearings is to build up to the midterm elections. This isn't about truth, it's all about political machinations. People are aware, and aren't keen on hanging on for the fake floor display.

And if anyone was looking to discredit Trump by pointing out that Trump-backed candidates were largely winning during the primaries after the public hearings began can be a good indicator of just how the hearings have impacted people . That means it doesn't stop the voters from supporting Trump Republicans in any way.

The hearings could make people more likely to support Republicans as they witness the same partisanship of the Democrats that is funded by our taxpayers' money. We witnessed Rep. Tom Rice (RINO-SC) who was elected five times, but who supported impeaching Trump and was swiftly ejected by his Trump-endorsed rival, Russell Fry.

Even the media doesn't feel they must conduct the hearings, if they want, they can cut them off or do something that is more thrilling and draws people in, which is basically anything. It was funny that NBC cut to the golf course for a while.

“We're gonna have to end our coverage of this Jan 6 hearing on the NBC network,” Lester Holt stated. Don't get distracted by those threats to democracy, and now let's get to golf! It's a testament to how seriously NBC takes the game.

It was indeed the U.S. Open, but golf is an extremely boring sport to watch. But even it was more fascinating than the pre-planned manipulation during the Jan. 6 hearings. They decided more viewers were interested in watching that show than the hearings and golf likely had higher ratings. In reality, paint drying will have better ratings. Furthermore, golf is more transparent than the Committee hearing too.

In addition, NBC cutting away made some liberals scream. There's nothing to worry about however. They don't seem to be paying attention.

It was logical because golf isn't just more fascinating, it's also more trustworthy.

The most important thing to remember is that it's going to attract those who are already in their corner, and maybe not even all of them. The majority of Americans, even Democrats, are trying to stay above the water as they battle with Bidenflation.

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