Ohio Teachers can Now be Armed

The whole country is in shock by what transpired in Uvalde, Texas. Everyone is afraid of seeing another mass shooting occur. As Congress is debating the gun control guidelines that should and shouldn't be, Ohio decided to take an entirely different approach.

The government isn't concerned about the issue of gun control. They're pragmatic. They are aware that criminals will possess guns regardless of the laws that are made. They decided it was time to look after teachers.

Teachers of today are accountable for the safety and health of every child who is in their classroom. They are accountable for teaching as well as socializing and securing – even if it requires putting a gun to the intruder.

We watched what took place in Uvalde. The police stood outside the school for nearly an hour, while allowing an 18-year-old gunman to murder teachers and 19 pupils. It was a horrific incident to say the least.

There are many states that think about it, or at least the ones that are conservative. What can we do to ensure the safety of students? The answer appears to be easy: arm teachers.

If any of the teachers at Uvalde were armed, the shooting would not have happened. The gunman could have been able to enter the school, however, when he got to the classroom, he would have been confronted by the business end of a gun directly in the face. The threat would've been instantly removed.

On Monday, the entire population of “qualifying” adults are able to carry on their own without having to obtain a permit. This means that a lot of people have seen their restrictions lifted – bus drivers, teachers, and custodians are among the most prominent.

Should the employees of these schools want to carry an assault weapon while at work?

Governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, signed House Bill 99, lowering the number of hours of training required for teachers from 728 hours to 24. This is a significantly lower amount which means that they may not be equipped with the knowledge required.

DeWine has stated that the preference remains for police agents to carry the guns who are present at schools.

The law was passed shortly after the events during the shooting in Uvalde, Texas. The residents of Ohio who are 21 years old no longer require an eight-hour training course on handguns to carry and conceal the firearm.

Furthermore, the law can even eliminate the requirement for people to disclose to police officers whether they are carrying a concealed weapon. The only requirement is that they answer if they are requested to do so.

DeWine has expressed gratitude to Ohio lawmakers that made it much easier for Ohio to safeguard its teachers and children.

In the wake of the removal of firearms training, it's a bit unclear whether Ohio took it a bit too far. Who's to tell if a fearful teacher will not purchase a gun and will not be able to shoot it in the future?

Yet, DeWine boasts that this is an accomplishment. “My office worked with the general assembly to remove hundreds of hours of curriculum irrelevant to school safety and to ensure training requirements were specific to a school environment and contained significant scenario-based training.”

Teachers aren't obliged to carry guns. Schools aren't required to decide what the decision on what their custodians are carrying. Instead, decisions will be made on a school-by-school, teacher-by-teacher basis.

Parents must also be informed if your school's board of directors has permitted instructors to be carrying. Furthermore, school boards can require the training of firearms prior to carrying guns on the school campus.

Republicans have stated that the new laws that were passed in Ohio are the result of a “doing something” approach to the Uvalde shooting. We can be grateful to Ohio for actually doing something. While we wait, Democrats are squabbling about what they should be doing so that the result is likely the case that they will do nothing.

That's the reason Florida, Ohio, and other conservative states are doing things to show that they've done their part to protect teachers and students by one means or another.

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