Tiktok Reporter Gets Pro-Abortion Activists to Defend Vaccine Mandates

In this episode of “The Left’s Hypocrisy”:

Extreme pro-abortion activists who love to recite the absurd “My Body, My Choice” argument in support of abortion on demand (now all the way to the time of birth) have recently lost their minds when asked if the same argument could be applied to COVID vaccines, as shown in a TikTok video posted by the pro-life “AChanceAtLife” account.

Spoiler alert: their reactions are hilarious and ridiculous. One of them says: “Vaccines are good for you.”

“What's important is bodily autonomy,” another protester tells the reporter while they walk alongside her. Aborted (read murdered) babies were not available for comment.

“The same rights men have always enjoyed.” (Not to make a fuss however, aren't we leaving out a crucial third party here?)

“We're just looking for the same rights. The power to regulate our body. As the men have always enjoyed.”

It's that easy.

Is it?

The “AChanceAtLife” reporter then asks: “Do you support the right for people to not get the COVID vaccine”? Ooh, great question. The apparently confused abortion advocate smiles and says, “It's irrelevant,” and the reporter fires in response: “So, my body, my choice”?

“Yes, it's not important. This was in a pandemic situation, wasn’t it? An emergency situation? As we all know, laws change in a state of emergency.”

Aborted children were not available for comment regarding the “state of emergency.”

Here's the way it was with another pro-abortion advocateone who was expertly presented in the report: “Do you agree with the statement, ‘My body, my choice'?”

“Yes, absolutely,” she said and added:

“Bodily autonomy (there's that buzzword again) is an individual right. (Except for unborn children.) The right to health care is an essential fundamental human right. (Ending your life as an individual isn't “health care.”)”

“Health care access shouldn't be an issue that is controlled through the Supreme Court.” (A clearly incorrect and absurd claim.)

Reporters continued to aid the protester during her self-annihilation: “During the pandemic did you support people's right to not get the COVID vaccine?”

Oops. After an “I'm screwed” sigh, the woman tried her attempt to rubber stamp her response. “It's a difficult conversation.” Reporter: 1. Pro-abortion advocate 0. Final score.

Here's a different one: “Do you support ‘bodily autonomy' in other situations — for example, the COVID vaccine mandate?”

The protester's angry reaction is “beautiful”: “We've been mandated to get vaccinations for years and years and years.”

“So you do support, in that situation, people not having control of their bodies?” He demanded. In complete confusion, she replied “That's not having ‘not control' of your body.” (Of course it is.) Like, I don't understand…” (Game over.)

Here's a conversation had with an unidentified male (I believe) protester:

“Do you think it is important for people to have medical and health control over their own bodies?”

“Yeah, it's good for them, it's good for everybody,” declared the protester.

“Did you support the mandates?” was the question posed by the reporter.

“I do support the mandates, yeah,” was the answer. After being reminded of the fact that people aren't in control of their bodies when they're required to be vaccines, the man stated:

“Vaccinations can be beneficial to people. […] It's not necessary to have it, they simply can't get a job. You don't have the right to work.”

To quote one of the last Democrat statesmen, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, “Bud you have the right to your personal opinion and personal feelings. However, you aren't entitled to your own facts. You also aren't allowed — nor is the government of the United States to dictate what I should infuse into me.”

The insanity continued on. Just like the majority of low-information-based followers were plainly and unintentionally reciting the propaganda they've happily been conditioned. In this regard, I'm often reminded in these days, of a wise advice of comedian George Carlin:

“Never think that you can defeat stupid people in large numbers.”

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