Biden’s Bike Fumble Made Worse by Hapless Press Secretary

Joe Biden is a man who lacks a lot of grace. Sometimes, he tries to behave like he has it. However, he's always being nasty and trying to denigrate the opposition. This is how they came to his most recent attack on the “extreme MAGA” or “ultra MAGA.” His team claims that he was the one who created it, however, it was Democratic officials in the process of coming up with the idea following six months of intensive Democratic research. This was not just not a good idea, it also demonstrates an extremely poor brand-building strategy, trying to attack a competitor with their name.

Of course, it was not well-received and yet again, like her use of “deplorables,” it's now been adopted as a slogan for several social media accounts on the right. Donald Trump even turned Biden's saying that he was”the “MAGA King” back on Biden.

Biden, in his snarky way, usually doesn't even refer to the president Donald Trump by his name when he speaks of Trump. It's possible that you've noticed the fact that he refers to him in the form of “the former guy” or another similar phrase. “The “former guy” is the word used by the left to denigrate Trump. This is where we are now with Biden and it's not mature. Biden is also said to have been having a fit in which he claims his approval numbers are below Trump's numbers at the exact time- and also saying that they're worse than Carter numbers' right now.

Biden has passed on his attitude to his staff, including Biden's Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates. Bates was rumored to think that the moment his boss falls over is a good time to retaliate by blaming Trump. This is exactly what he's doing, and not providing us with information on what Biden is doing. This is ridiculous.

This is the way it works: this is what happens when Trump is living in the heads of their friends, without rent and permanently. However, as is the norm,in the video they attempt to criticize Trump with looks decent, at least as compared to Biden. In contrast to Biden, Trump doesn't have any problems standing up.

Imagine what Biden's team is doing; instead of focusing on the issues of the American people who are making these videos while the rising cost of gasoline and inflation have been a major burden on the nation. Biden's policies have given everything an end, and all they have to do is to avoid mentioning Trump. When we consider Trump and his presidency, we are reminded of his great economy that he was able to bring about, and also the way he dealt with many of the problems that Biden has now made more difficult. Additionally, Trump, even on his worst day, is a lot younger and more athletic than Biden.

It's no surprise that Bates was put on the back burner for next week by those who responded to reach the Biden team to ask for their responses.

Bates has excellent advice here:

Communication basics: If your boss has an embarrassing incident like falling off a bike and then falls off a bike, don't make it even more embarrassing by making it worse.

-” Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) June 18 2022

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' press secretary Christina Pushaw:

Maybe this is another illustration of how dysfunction runs from the top, and also why so many Biden communication decisions have been to the press for exits.

Who would like to be in an organization that does things like this? And who is constantly justifying or explaining away the mistakes, not to mention the terrible policies?

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