Gascon About to Be Recalled

The recall of George Gascon is now national news. In all honesty, this could have been the case when the group started the process in March of 2021. The fact that the district attorney, who was funded by Soros, inserted himself in law enforcement under the guise of “reimagining” criminal justice, changing decades-old policies that work, in order to counter the ones he claims don't should be a warning. Others Soros-funded politicians (see: Illinois, Foxx, Kim) are also in the process of crashing on the national stage but the traditional media is unable to discuss it in full, or to make connections that show this agenda of social justice reform has only led to an increase in crime and violence in the major cities, and not getting justice for everyone.

Friday night, NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt did a segment on the issues surrounding District Attorney George Gascon and his policies which have led the residents in Los Angeles County to want to recall the District Attorney. In the Recall, George Gascon organizers announced on Thursday that they have reached the minimum quantity of signatures (unverified) to be able to be included on the ballot in November 2022. The organizers are currently collecting signatures, and they are certain they'll receive sufficient signatures to reach the required 566,857 signatures that have been verified before the deadline of July 6. This is a record-breaking feat that, in a county with 5.6 million registered voters, that number of signatures can be collected in such a short time. You did not hear about it in the words of Lester Holt.

For more than 5 minutes (5:26) Friday night, NBC Nightly News anchor Lester “fairness is overrated” Holt personally was the anchor of the network's defense of the radical liberal L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon, who's facing an overwhelmingly popular recall campaign only 2 weeks following the time San Francisco liberals managed to remove their own. In this fervent defense, Holt blamed local news coverage for creating an inaccurate “public perception” of the police conditions within the town.

Note that Holt doesn't offer any argument to Gascon's claims that Gascon is the one to blame. Gascon blames conservative regions and cities, as well as rogue prosecutors who would like to maintain the status quo as they are to blame for his issues. Holt defends himself with the words “criminal justice experts find it difficult to draw direct connections to Gascon's policies” and the increase in crime. He then talks regarding Gascon's “intense political pressure” Gascon is facing in implementing the “reform agenda.”

Boo. effing. Hoo.

The police “experts” either don't live in Southern California, or have not paid attention to the news that is reported by the local media. If you've got over 30 cities that have voted “no confidence” against your policies and practices and have recorded instances of unchecked crimes, the issue could be your policies and you.

However, Holt didn't feel the need to confront Gascon for his reasons.

Another portion of the interview discusses the way Holt has eschewed any pretense of an investigational dive, instead turning it into a George Gascon non-apology tour.

Holt asked:

“If you can't get through to your own deputies, what does that say about your leadership?”

Gascon gasped and mumbled his reply. What's it about progressive crazes and the inability to connect the two together?

“It's complicated, you have a very strong driving force that is very committed not only to try to remove me from office, but more importantly, is very committed to keeping the system the way that it was.”

If, in other words, you don't agree with me, then you're not really interested in changes.

It's your fault.

Absolutely horrifying. Even more disgusting is the fact that Holt has just ridden with it. Journalistic malpractice is at its best.

NBC and Holt are just copying their counterparts in “the homegrown team,” i.e., The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Daily News and the other McClatchy and major conglomerate-run news outlets.

The so-called news media have repeatedly failed to accurately describe the harm Gascon's directives caused, but also to cover the anger of the victims that caused this recall.

They employed the same strategy during the recall of Gavin Newsom: Ignore it. Then, when alternative and community media give it air and coverage, you barely ignore it in the hope that it will disappear. When you must cover it because it's spreading across the country then offer excuses to the elected elite who are being recalled and don’t address the concerns of those who are recalling that elite.

The beat keeps going.

What a disservice for the residents who live in Los Angeles County and the victims of crime who are marginalized and re-victimized as a result of Gascon's policies. They are predominantly females, and mostly of differing ethnicities. It is the usual favorite victims of progressives across the country; however, these are the ones that are being ignored and disregarded because of Gascon's vision of a new criminal justice system.

The most striking thing is the fact that Holt has failed to clearly demonstrate what has come from a year and a half of Gascon's actions, but also does not give any air to the work and stories of that Recall George Gascon movement.

As I stated in the previous paragraph, we've previously seen this. If the legacy media does not present the facts the way it is, it does not exist.

Newsflash: Gascon has been slashed and the untruthful outlets that gave him a boost and continue to provide Gascon cover must also go under.

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