Hillary Gives Final Word if She will Run in 2024

If we've learned anything from Hillary Rodham Clinton over the thirty years that have passed, the lesson is that when her lips move, it's likely you can believe she's lying. In the simplest sense she is careful with her remarks and is disingenuous to the core. At her most sloppy, the truth is that it's Hillary who is the one to blame for the same charges she plays to (pun not intended) against her opponents. From this perspective, I am writing this analysis of the political landscape.

In an interview with Financial Times about the state of the Biden presidency, the former president Donald Trump, her own political career, and the 2024 presidential race Hillary is asked:

Will Hillary be running in 2024? Which would be her third run, depending on the outcome for Biden?

If she was asked flat-out if she can think of any possible scenario where she'd put her housecoat into the 2024 ring, she says:

There's no issue. First off I am expecting Biden to be running. He definitely plans to run. It would be extremely difficult to do that.

We'll come back to that point in a moment.

The idea of the prospect of a Republican taking presidential elections by 2024 “so frightening,” as reported in a report by Fox News, Hillary went full-metal hyperbole regarding “standing on the precipice of losing our democracy.”

We're at the edge in the direction of losing democracy and everything everyone else is concerned about disappears.

It is obvious that the main thing you need to focus on is winning this election. The possibility of losing is so terrifying that anything that does not aid in winning should not be your top important consideration.

Before we move on, let's make that one line better – “whatever does not help you win should not be a priority” — to Hillary: “You should do everything you can to succeed. No matter what. That is your primary priority.”

It's much better. A lot more Hillaryesque.

Regarding Trump running for president, Hillary basically said the exact things any person who's paid even an ounce of interest towards Donald Trump over the last 16 months would think.

I believe that if he is able to make it through, he'll be running for reelection. Keep an eye on the money of Trump. He's already raised approximately $130 million that's sitting in his account at the bank that was used to travel for organizing efforts to fight the election… It's a mystery to me. do not know who will be challenging Trump during the Republican primary.

To be fair to Hillary, if the day comes that Trump declares his candidacy it will be fascinating to observe how other potential Republican candidates decide to play — or not play, with their hands.

A portion of me believes that prime candidates such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and perhaps Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, would decide to not run should Trump is elected, and instead put off until 2028, fully aware that Trump followers will do everything they can to bring them down.

However, I'm not certain. Maybe a variety of Republican candidates will join the race no matter what Trump does. And I think it's almost certain that the former Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who has declared his belief that Trump should be the first candidate to be considered in 2024, will be a part of the race.

Let's go back on Hillary's “No, out of the question” statement that she's not running in 2024.

I'm not convinced she's got the duration of a Chappaqua minute. Take a second to think about it. This is an alcoholic woman who's believed since around 2008 at the very least that the Oval Office desk was her rightful place in the world; her all-but-promised the gilded throne like a birthright. Chicago Jesus, Barack Obama first dashed those hopes after he was anointed by the Democrat state media who chose him for the presidency in 2008, not Hillary.

And then 2016 came around, and it was Donald Trump; a unique powerhouse in politics, that, looking back, was the sole Republican candidate from the original 17 who was able to and actually defeated Hillary which left her screaming in anger. Then there was the additional humiliation of the astonished Joe Biden, who campaigned from his basement, and half the time couldn't remember the day of the week that swooped the nomination and was elected in 2020. Imagine you were Hillary Rodham Clinton, watching Biden every day.

Do you ever wonder what Hillary may be thinking? Oh, hell yeah, you do — so do I.

This is the deal, as Biden is known to say. Take note of the way Hillary carefully framed the first sentence that came out of her mouth to answer the question 2024: “No, not a chance. First I'm expecting Biden to enter the race. Biden is keen to run.” What then? There are millions, surely, of frightened Democrats who not only do not wish for Biden to run, but aren't really interested in Kamala Harris on their 2024 presidential nomination.

I'm going to riddle you with this: Let's imagine Democrat Party elders show up on Hillary's Chappaqua doorstep and ask Hillary to run. It's a bit ridiculous, I know, but stay with me. “For the good of the party,” they say to her. What's the chance she'd not be awestruck? Sure, she'd definitely be a fan.

The Bottom Line

Whatever happens, I, for one, am hopeful for the day that 2024's Republican presidential candidate is able to take a look into the future and not to rehash the past. The silver platter given to the Republicans following the catastrophic Biden presidency will truly be one for the future — and from which we can eat.

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