Joy Reid Insults GOP Women of Color

Another day, another journalist who promotes identity politics is blamed for slandering minorities.

It's become a common cliché in the media that whenever there is any slightest shift in the demographics by a Democrat, it should be praised as an accomplishment. Each election, it is likely that we'll be told about a presidential candidate being one of the “first” individuals in some other tangential area that was elected. It is a difficult process and time passes. She became the first female left-handed POC with fructose intolerance, comptroller, to be located west of the Mississippi.

Conservatives who fall into these categories aren't able to trigger the hyperventilating reactions. Consider the most recently held elections in Virginia in which GOP voters elected the first black woman to be Lieutenant Governor and a Hispanic Attorney General. The media not only ignored these significant victories and remarked that the results were racist because the almost transparent Terry MacAuliffe lost to Glenn Youngkin.

Additionally, the recent primaries in Texas have revealed that Republicans have nominated a lot of Hispanics, and journalists were practically slamming at these results. It could be that this was due to the fact that Latin people are fleeing from Democrats and must be acknowledged as well as the entire prior construction of Texas's voting laws which they promised to eliminate minority voters. It's difficult to maintain whitewashing the fable, especially when faced with minorities being nominated.

In a typical manner, Joy Reid arrives to present the results of another Texas vote. In a special election to the 34th Congressional district, Republican Mayra Flores won comfortably. This is an incredible result because it's a historically Blue district with an overwhelming majority of Hispanic voters as well as one which Biden won by double-digits in the general election of 2020. And to top it off, Flores is one of the few members in Congress to have been born in Mexico.

In spite of all these historic successes, we usually see journalists at their best; however, Reid did not seem to notice any of that and concentrated on a problem. Joy, who is not elated, reached this conclusion: “Victory for Mayra Flores, the QAnon-curious Republican who flipped a House seat in the Democratic stronghold of South Texas.”

If this has you doing a jig or tapping your forehead, you're probably not the sole one who does this. What is the best place to begin this uninformed review? What about knowing that Reid was fed this ridiculous conclusion by no other than Media Matters. This will only lead you to shame and indolence.

Furthermore, anyone who considers Qanon in the form of an entity will be seen as a non-thinking person who is not interested in thinking analytically. Qanon shut down its operations last year. The New York Times went through the process of identifying the people behind the website. It was a couple of nobodies who had no real influence on the political scene or connections. Even to this day, we see journalists who attempt to make this an acceptable criticism.

Then there's the tiny issue of Flores making statements that criticized the Qanon idea. She said to a Texas newspaper about the conspiracy cult “I've never been averse to anything that has happened to me. I've never been a fan of it.”

However, this wasn't adequate for Reid nor Democrat pollster from Florida and a regular guest analyst for this network Fernand Amandi. He drank the Kool-Aide MMfA shooter in one go and then came to this shrewd conclusion.

Joy, it's similar to the zombie film World War Z. There are plenty of zombies to make it difficult to distinguish between MAGA candidates, you know, it's difficult to decide which ones from the crowd since they're all rushing simultaneously.

But, those of the media who are still promoting the Qanon story aren't the zombies, they are the ones we need to recognize. Good, gang, keep on with your message, and maybe one day you can defeat this conspiracy theory that hasn't been around for a long time and was ruled by people who had no political savvy. It will only get you nowhere, but you have to hold the throttle.

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