Air Travel Falls into Chaos over the Weekend

More than 10000 flights were canceled across the country over the weekend, leaving angry and desperate passengers trapped in airports that are thousands of miles away from their home. There were more than ten thousand flight cancellations. It's just too many to count.

If you've read about my travel nightmare report from Thursday night, you'll find out that I was among the passengers. And when my flight was canceled and I had to rent a vehicle (at my expense) and drive for 12 hours into the night to pick up my kids that were being kicked out of the camp. My children could have a COVID vaccine, tattoo, and maybe an abortion; however the only thing they wouldn't be permitted to do is get into rooms in hotels without an adult in the room.

Today (Sunday) It seems that we're in the midst of double jeopardy. Our trip from Los Angeles was summarily canceled and we're not able to find a means of returning this morning. The best deal offered by the airline is two days away.

It's an issue to travel from NYC to Savannah. It's an entirely different thing to travel between Savannah and the state of California (35 hour drive). We've been able to secure seats on another airline, however, they weren't cheap.

JetBlue along with other companies made fun of the fact that they had canceled the flights due to the weather. This was absurd, considering that the weather we were in (NY) was absolutely perfect. What is the reason they would take this action? If they claim that it was due to the weather and they're not required to cover your meals, your hotel, or any other expenses. (Yes there were scattered thunderstorms throughout the country. Not enough to cause the cancellation of 10,000 flights.)

Thankfully, for the second time I've had to cancel a flight in the span of three days, they're recognizing that there are other problems besides weather, so the possibility of getting reimbursed for a hotel room appears on the horizon.

The cancellations are an expensive cost, however. The hotel that we paid for on Friday night isn't giving us a break and we've had to purchase a car rental for a few days, in addition to meals and hotel stays. In all, the expenses that aren't budgeted will definitely be in the hundreds and maybe even thousands.

A lot of people who are caught up in this mess are suffering. “I closed my business for several days to take my son on his first trip,” someone tells me. “I've lost thousands of dollars, and we aren't on vacation, and now I've got to come up with more money just to find a place to stay tonight.” To his left is the woman who is crying.

How come this happens in America in a constant manner? (By the way, there was much the same in the course of Memorial Day weekend.)

Most of the time, it's because of staff shortages: crew, pilots, as well as air-control. This is in part caused by a shortage of air control personnel. The Biden Administration mandated vaccines for pilots and other employees who, in the majority of cases, quit or were fired because they refused to take them. You know what, Joe; you need pilots to fly planes.

From Business Insider:

As with many other sectors, staff shortages have been a problem for a long time prior to the pandemic, but the outbreak caused it to get worse, since airlines were forced to cut off or furlough workers by the tens of thousands.

But don't fret. We have a Boy Wonder, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who will be there to help. He wasn't showing any interest in the issue until his own flight was canceled on Friday, and he had to travel from DC to NYC, which took a four-hour drive. (There's something funny regarding the story of our Transpo Sec getting his flight canceled, but I'm not saying.)

What's Buttigieg's plan of action? The airlines must be punished!

In the event that airlines fail to perform during the Fourth of July, the Department of Transportation could choose to enforce the law when standards regarding consumer protection are not fulfilled, Buttigieg told AP.

He's threatening to penalize airlines if they do not recruit more employees. Where are these magic individuals, Pete? He also suggested that airlines undergo the “stress test” to see how they fare. I'd say it was Memorial Day weekend and this weekend there were stress tests and the system was completely faulty.

As is the norm, the Biden Administration will quickly pass the blame: it's due to the weather, COVID, or it's Putin. Perhaps, it's Trump's fault too.

It's true that another disaster is unfolding under the watch of this administration. It's not the same America we've grown accustomed to.

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