Bill Maher Blasts Anti-Free-Speech Fining of Jack Del Rio

Bill Maher continues to prove that he's not keeping up in the race with Democrats.

In his HBO show Real Time Friday, the host discussed an ongoing controversy over Washington Commanders' defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio.

You may have heard that Jack recently inquired why the same scrutiny applied to the January 6th chaos at the Capitol was not applied to the 2020's close-to-year-long protests.

In response to media requests on his response to this to that Jack said:

“Why do we not look at these issues when we're planning to talk about it? … because it's difficult to answer. I'm able to look realistically at it. I see the pictures on TV that show people's lives being destroyed, and businesses are being destroyed and there's no issue. We then have an unrest on the Capitol — no one is burning down. But if we do decide to discuss it, we're going to make this the focus of our discussion. It's sort of two standards. If we're applying the same standard, and are likely to be reasonable to each other. Let's discuss it. … let's engage in a discussion. We're Americans. Let's talk about it.”

“I'm just expressing myself,” Jack explained. “And I think we all, as Americans, have the right to express ourselves.”

It turns out that the coach was not right — at least in the sense that the Commanders' director of coaching Ron Rivera was concerned.

Source: NBC News on June 10th:

Washington Commanders' coach Ron Rivera on Friday fined his defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio, $100,000 for declaring the Jan. 6th attack against Capitol Hill in the U.S. Capitol a “dust-up” and calling the racial justice protests in 2020 a “summer of riots.”

Ron issued a statement, calling the Capitol crisis “domestic terrorism” and 2020's events “peaceful protests.”

Ron stated that the Commanders were going to “not tolerate any equivalency between those who demanded justice in the wake of George Floyd's murder and the actions of those on January 6 who sought to topple our government.”

Bill Maher, it seems, will not accept Ron's intolerant behavior.

Friday, Bill was quite the commanding officer himself.

“Now it's the most common opinion that Jack Del Rio is a part of. … I believe I could…convince him that there are significant differences between these two incidents, and, in fact, that attack at the Capitol was much more serious. But, he's got the right to believe that I am wrong. In America there is a right to make mistakes.”

“They fined him,” Bill was amazed. “The team has fined him $100,000 for this opinion. The idea of securing people's opinions by imposing fines isn't something I'm happy with.”

Bill mentioned Coach Don's acknowledgement that Jack was entitled to express his opinions freely. “Apparently not,” Bill responded.

“You are aware of this? This is the “Don't pee on me shoe” and say it's raining' (thing). What exactly do you mean? He's not entitled to form an opinion. It's clearly not his right to voice it. So…say you're not for freedom of speech. However, don't say this.”

Bill continues to move towards the right. Perhaps the Left continues to drift toward Bill. In modern terms, Bill is three-quarters conservative, regardless of whether he's comfortable with it or not.

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In the case of that headline, there's a price to speak your mind. The case for Jack Del Rio, it was $100,000.

What if a catastrophe cost catches the Bill? This is yet to be determined. However, on the Left, part of the spectrum the freedom of speech definitely isn't as it used to be…

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