New Survey Shows America’s Faith in God is at an All-time Low

The United States may be a country under God, but it's also one that isn't recognizing the authority that is above it.

According to a new Gallup poll, fewer Americans are believers in God than in any other time during the more than 78 years since polling began.

As of 1944, nearly 98 percent declared themselves Christians. The number was the same in 1947, and it was the same during the 1950s and 1960s.

However, in 2011 the faith of people took a plunge in 2011: only 92 percent said yes.

The following year, this figure dropped by five points. It remained stable through 2017 the most recent time Gallup polled the country.

In 2022, which some claim was a more difficult year than most since the mid-twentieth-century — only 81 percent of people of the nation believe that there is a greater power.

The specifics are what you'd think:

Faith in God has been declining the most in recent times among young adults as well as those who are on the left side in the political spectrum (liberals and Democrats). These groups have dropped by 10-plus percentage points when comparing the 2022 numbers to an average of 2013-2017 polls.

The majority of other groups have seen an average decline, but with the married and conservative groups virtually nothing changed.

The group with the highest decreases are also the ones which are the least likely to be believers in God, such as those who are liberal (62 percent) and younger adults (68 percent) and Democrats (72 percent). The belief in God is the highest among those who are politically conservative (94 percentage) as well as Republicans (92 percentage) This indicates that religious belief is a significant factor that influences political divides in the U.S.

As faith erodes, what are we to believe instead? Based on the evidence that surrounds us, we trust in our own beliefs. But not just this, but also a brand new morality suggests that's the most moral faith of all.

It's not so. Despite the popularity in the lyrics, the most profound love isn't one we can have for ourselves. In earlier times and throughout the ages, this kind of love was regarded by the term “selfishness.” A great love, as it was said in the past is one where one is willing to “lay down one's life for one's friends.”

We were also told that we should “do to others as [we] would have them do to [us].”

In both instances, virtue was defined by the way one treated others and their consideration of those around them. It was a moral rule however, perhaps that can only be realized if there's God. 

Without God and the laws, we could be focusing solely on our own needs. In that scenario we each are a god. This is an increasingly popular idea — the current righteousness demands for us to become “empowered.”

What is the way our empowerment is working out? Based on cultural signals it appears that not so well. We are capable, but only because everyone says that we are. If we refuse to acknowledge our strength, it can cause “harm” and must be removed.

If this is our best shot at power, we've never had a chance at all.

To illustrate the subject, here's Gallup including more details:

The follow-up question of the survey probed deeper into the extent of Americans believe their belief in God encompasses. Particularly, the question inquired whether God responds to prayers, and whether God intervenes through prayer.

Around half of people that believe in God (42% of Americans) also believe that God is able to hear prayers and intervene on behalf of a person. However 28% of Americans claim that God is able to hear prayers, but not interfere, and 11% believe God is not able to intervene.

Three-quarters of the most religious Americans who are those who attend church every week, claim that God is the one who hears prayers and may intervene. This is the case for slightly greater than 50% of both conservatives and Republicans and 25% of liberals and 32% of Democrats.

Thirty percent of young adults are of the opinion that God listens to prayers and is able to intervene.

Where is America going? Whatever the case that is, today's youth will be our guide. If the trend away from faith is not reversed, we'll end up in the wilderness on our own — without the guidance or support of a reputable Creator.

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