Biden has Such Low Approval Ratings, Even Dems are Done with Him

The Civiqs poll recently hit the lowest percentage of Joe Biden's approval for his job to date — 32 percent, and 57 percent disapproval. In the case of independents, it falls to just 20 percent of approval, and an apprehension of 67 percent.

There are two states where his approval is higher than disapproval: Hawaii and Vermont; however, even in those two states, approval levels are below 50 percent. Hawaii has 49 percent approval and 39 percent rejection, and Vermont has 45 percent approval to 38 percent negative.

If we take a look at the states which are likely to be impacted by crucial Senate votes in November, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, then Biden has an even lower approval rating. This bodes well for the current wave that is helping Republican candidates in those states.

However, a new Issues and Insights/TIPP poll has also smashed Biden's arguments for inflation that include Putin's price hike and shipping companies, oil companies, as well as president Donald Trump. Biden even blamed the American citizens for not liking him, and blamed his “mental health” because of being afflicted by COVID. The American people aren't convinced.

Many Democrats recognize that the blame rests with Joe Bidden.

The average is 64 percent who believe that he's accountable. However, even among Democrats, 53 percent believe he’s responsible. For independents, it's an issue 64 percent believe the democrats are accountable.

It's no surprise that Biden is more outspoken this week in trying to talk about the efforts he's made to lower prices? But it's way too late for a scramble now that Biden is watching the polls. He should have been concerned when inflation was pounding Americans for over an entire year.

The Gallup poll is also a disaster for Biden and is likely to cause him to throw another temper tantrum because it reveals how badly Biden is performing in comparison with the president Donald Trump. Biden has seen a drop of 36 points in June last year on the economy. It's a lower 32 percent gap in the present, with just 14 percent believing the economy is doing well and 46 percent saying that it is in poor shape. The poll also revealed Trump's figures while in his presidency.

The difference is stark. – Trump had a net positive direction on the economy by 38 points. This is a difference of 70 points from Trump to Biden.

Then this low net 32 percent was the lowest of any midterm election year. It was more so than in 2010, where Barack Obama had a negative 31 percent rating and lost 63 of his seats to Republicans.

The satisfaction rate is the lowest in any mid-term year.

All polls back one another and all of them are saying the same thing : that the Democrats must be voted out. 

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